Deiotaros - King of Galatia from 62 BC to 40 BC
Deiotarus of Galatia (in Galatian and Greek Deiotaros, surnamed Philoromaios; c. 105 BC – 42 BC, 41 BC or 40 BC) was a Chief Tetrarch of the Tolistobogii in western Galatia, Asia Minor, and a King of Galatia ("Gallo-Graecia"). He was considered one of the most adept of Celtic kings, ruling the three tribes of Celtic Galatia from his fortress in Blucium.

The name Deiotarus is generally translated as Galatian Celtic "Divine-bull" (*deiuo-tauros; cf. Old Irish dia, Welsh duw, Old Welsh duiu, "God" and Old Irish tarb, Welsh tarw "bull", with Western Celtic metathesis of the cluster -uro- to -ruo-)

Deiotarus was a faithful ally of the Romans and became involved in the struggles between the Roman generals that led to the fall of the Republic from 44 BC. He changed sides and supported the triumvirs, keeping his kingdom until his death.
Deiotaros of

Epithet: Philoromaios ()

(1) Deiotaros 62-40 BC
AE unit Pessinus?
Obverse: laureate head of Zeus right
Reverse: eagle half-left, head right, standing on thunderbolt; (ΔHITAP)
Ref: RBN 1934, pp. 5-10, 2; RPC I p. 536...