Agathopolis - A settlement in Thrace
Agathopolis was probably colonized by the Ancient Greeks around 430 BC. The Romans called it Peronticus, while the Byzantine leader Agathon reconstructed the town after barbarian invasions and possibly gave it his own name, Agathopolis

In the Middle Ages, the town frequently changed hands between the Byzantine Empire and the Bulgarian Empire. Medieval sources mention Ahtopol as a lively merchant port where many Byzantine, Italian and other ships arrived. With the invasion of the Ottoman troops at the end of the 14th century, the town was called Ahtenbolu. The town ultimately fell under Ottoman rule as late as 1453.

Modern location: Athopol, Bulgaria

(1) Agathopolis c. 300 BC
Obverse: Young male head right wearing tania
Reverse: Facing double boddied owl; AΓA_ΘO
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