Limyra - A settlement in Lycia
Limyra (Λιμύρα) was a small city in Lycia on the southern coast of Asia Minor, on the Limyrus River, and twenty stadia from the mouth of that river.

It was a prosperous city, and one of the oldest cities in Lycia. The city had rich and abundant soil, and gradually became one of the finest trade settlements in Greece. Pericles adopted it as the capital of the Lycian League.

Gaius Caesar, adopted son of Augustus, died there.

Modern location: Yuvalılar, Turkey

(1) Perikles 380-360 BC
Obverse: lionskin facing
Reverse: triskeles, laureate bust of Apollo facing ΠEP_IKΛE (in lycian script)
Ref: SNG Copenhagen -; SNG v. Aulock -. ...