Istakhr — A settlement in Persis
Istakhr was an ancient city located in southern Iran, in Fars province, five kilometers north of Persepolis.

Istakhr first appears in history as an Achaemenid city. It gained its importance not only from its close association with Persepolis: it also commanded the western end of an ancient caravan-route that ran from the Indus Valley via Kandahar and Drangiana to Persia.

The city temporarily became the capital of the Sasanian Empire during the reign of Ardashir I (r. 224–242) before the capital was moved to Ctesiphon, in Mesopotamia. During the Sasanian period (224–651) the royal treasury of the empire, known as ganj ī šāhīgān, is said to have been in Istakhr. In 915–916, al-Masudi himself saw in a house at Istakhr owned by a Persian noble, "the large and very fine manuscript" of a work copied in 731 from original documents in the royal treasury.

Modern location: Ruins
An AR Drachm struck 591-628 AD in Istakhr
Obverse: Crowned bust right.

Reverse: Fire altar and attendants.

Diameter: 34 mm
Die Orientation: 0 H
Weight: 4.04 g
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