Ambracia — A settlement in Epirus
Ambracia, was a city of ancient Greece which was located about 7 miles from the Ambracian Gulf, on a bend of the navigable river Arachthos (or Aratthus), in the midst of a fertile wooded plain.

It was founded between 650 and 625 BC by Gorgus, son of the Corinthian tyrant Cypselus, at which time its economy was based on farmlands, fishing, timber for shipbuilding, and the exportation of the produce of Epirus. After the expulsion of Gorgus's son Periander its government developed into a strong democracy. The early policy of Ambracia was determined by its loyalty to Corinth.

Ambracia was captured and plundered by Marcus Fulvius Nobilior in 189 BC, after which it was declared by Rome a "free city", and gradually fell into insignificance. The foundation by Augustus of Nicopolis, into which the remaining inhabitants were drafted, left the site desolate. In Byzantine times a new settlement took its place under the name of Arta.

Modern location: Arta, Greece
(1) Ambracia
An AR Stater struck 426-404 BC in Ambracia
Obverse: Pegasus

Reverse: Head of Athena, strigel behind, A before. Die flaw before Athena's face

Diameter: -
Die Orientation: -
Weight: 8.06 g
No notes for this coin