Thasos - A settlement in Thrace
Thasos is an island and a town located in the North Aegean Sea.

The island was colonised at an early date by Phoenicians, attracted probably by its gold mines; they founded a temple to the god Melqart, whom the Greeks identified as "Tyrian Heracles", and whose cult was merged with Heracles in the course of the island's Hellenization.

Around 650 BC, or a little earlier, Greeks from Paros founded a colony on Thasos. Thasian power, and sources of its wealth, extended to the mainland, where the Thasians owned gold mines even more valuable than those of the island; their combined annual revenues amounted to between 200 and 300 talents.

In the conflict between Philip V of Macedonia and the Romans, Thasos submitted to Philip, but received its freedom at the hands of the Romans after the Battle of Cynoscephalae (197 BC), and it was still a "free" state in the time of Pliny.

Modern location: Thasos, Greece

(1) Thasos c. 411-350 BC
Obverse: Satyr holding kantharos, kneeling left; grasshopper left
Reverse: amphora; ΘAΣ_IΩN
Ref: Vgl. Lanz: Auktion 82 (24.11.1997) ...
(2) Thasos 411-404 BC
Obverse: head of Satyr left
Reverse: two dolphins - upper to the left, lower to the right; ΘAΣI
Ref: SNG Cop 1033-1034; Le Rider 12; HGC...
(3) Thasos c. 463-411 BC
Obverse: dolphin left; ••
Reverse: quadripartite incuse square
Ref: Le Rider 10; SNG Cop -; BMC 23 var ...
(4) Thasos 500-480 BC
Obverse: Nude Satyr in kneeling-running stance to right, carrying off a protesting nymph
Reverse: Quadripartite incuse square
Ref: SNG Copenhagen 1010-1011; HGC 6, 33...