Kherei - Dynast of Lycia from 440 BC to 410 BC
Kherei was a Dynast in Lycia from circa 440-410 BC. He was apparently the brother of the previous Dynast - Kheriga.

Kherei is presumably identical to the Kherei who is the hero on the tri-lingual Xanthos Stele, which is written in Greek and two Luwian languages; Lycian & Milyan.

All of this is very speculative, however, as is most of Lycian history.
Dynast Kherei of the Kingdom of Lycia

(1) Kherei 440-410 BC
Obverse: Helmeted head of Athena left
Reverse: Head of Kherei right, wearing bashlyk, in pelleted round border within incuse circle.
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