Tanagra - A settlement in Central Greece
Tanagra is a town and a municipality north of Athens in Boeotia, Greece. In antiquity, it was noted for a type of mass-produced, mold-cast and fired Greek terracotta figurines.

Tanagra's alternative name was Poimandria, after its founder Poimandros, who took part in the Trojan campaign.

It was the site of two Battles of Tanagra, in 457 BC and 426 BC. The Boeotian League under Tanagra led forth "the Boeotians" against the Athenian invaders at Oenophyta, 62 days after the battle of Tanagra.

Modern location: Tanagra, Greece

(1) Tanagra 387-374 BC
Obverse: boeotian shield
Reverse: forepart of horse right; TA
Ref: BCD Boiotia 280; SNG Copenhagen 231
(2) Tanagra 457-448 BC
Obverse: Boeotian shield
Reverse: forepart of horse right within incuse square; T_A
Ref: Dewing 1498 (same rev. die)