Antandros — A settlement in Troas
Antandros was an ancient Greek city on the north side of the Gulf of Adramyttium in the Troad region of Anatolia. Its surrounding territory was known in Greek as Ἀντανδρία (Antandria), and included the towns of Aspaneus on the coast and Astyra to the east.

Antandros had access to large amounts of timber from Mount Ida as well as pitch, making it an ideal location for the construction of large fleets, giving the city strategic importance.

After the Classical period, references to Antandrus become scarce in surviving sources. From c. 440 - c. 284 BC, Antandrus minted its own coinage. This began again in the reign of the Emperor Titus and continued until the reign of Elagabalus.

Modern location: On Devren hill between the modern village of Avcılar and the town of Altınoluk, Turkey
(1) Antandros
An AR Diobol struck c. 420-400 BC in Antandros
Obverse: female head right (Artemis Astyrene?)

Reverse: lion head right within incuse square; ANTAN

Diameter: 9.5 mm
Die Orientation: -
Weight: 1 g
No notes for this coin
Cf. SNG von Aulock 7582 (later type without incuse); SNG München -; SNG Ashmolean -; cf. SNG Tübingen 2555 (same); cf. Klein 298 (same); Traité II -; CNG E-369, lot 113; Gitbud & Naumann 24, lot 170.