Gordus-Julia - A settlement in Lydia
Gordos in eastern Lydia was a strategically important site which attracted the attention of the Seleucids - a dedication on behalf of Apollophanes, the physician to Antiochus III, had been found there. It is assumed that the settlement was initially founded in the 1st centuty BC.

The city was renamed Julia Gordos be one of the Julian emperors, and published decrees and minted coins in the 1st century AD.

Modern location: Gördes, Turkey

(1) Gordus-Julia c. 198-235 AD
Obverse: bust of Herakles right wearing lion's skin knotted around neck
Reverse: lion walking right; ΓOPΔHNΩN / IOVΛI
Ref: BMC 91, 15; SNG München 183