Nitiobroges Authority in Tribe from to .
The Nitiobroges were a Gallic tribe. By the middle of the first century BC, the they were located along the northern bank of the Garunna (the modern Garonne) in southern-central Gaul.

In common with other Celts in the south-west of France, the Nitiobroges seem to have arrived relatively late, perhaps around the start of the third century BC. They edged out the native Aquitanians in part, helping to set up a confused patchwork of tribal territories.

Their position on the Garonne made them an important part of Caesar's conquest of Gaul and Aquitania, providing a bridgehead across the river to face the first of the tribes in Aquitania. This cooperation with Rome seems to have been the start of a long and happy friendship which helped the tribe to prosper.
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