Uranopolis - A settlement in Macedonia
Uranopolis was a city in ancient Macedonia, allegedly founded by Alexarchus, brother of king Cassander of Macedonia. The exact location of Uranopolis is unknown.

It was the site of a mint in the Kingdom of Thrace. Coins of Uranopolis are known for displaying Athena or the Muse Aphrodite Urania, the muse of astronomy, sitting on a globe. The globe represents the Celestial Sphere. It is a common misunderstanding that the globe represents the earth and that this is the first known depiction of the earth in its actual shape.

Modern location: Unknown

(1) Uranopolis 302-290? BC
AE unit Uranopolis
Obverse: sun with 8 rays
Reverse: Aphrodite Urania sitting on globe* half left; ΟΥΡΑΝΙΔΩΝ / ΠOΛEΩΣ
Ref: SNG Cop 455 - 457; BMC Macedonia p....