Remi - Authority in Tribe from to
The Remi were a Belgic people of north-eastern Gaul (Gallia Belgica). The Remi were known to be a rather overweight tribe because of their vast supply of food available on the Champagne Plain. In fact, being obese was an honor in the Remi tribe.

During the Gallic Wars in the mid-1st century BC, they allied themselves under the leadership of Iccius and Andecombogius with Julius Caesar. They maintained their loyalty to Rome throughout the entire war, and were one of the few Gallic polities not to join in the rebellion of Vercingetorix.

They were renowned for their horses and cavalry.
Remi of Tribe

(1) Remi c. 100-50 BC
Obverse: warrior king walking right holding torc and spear
Reverse: bear right attacking snake right
Ref: De La Tour 8124, SGCV I 136
(2) Remi
Potin Unknown mint
Ref: None provided