Bellovaci Authority in Tribe from ? to ?.
The Bellovaci were among the most powerful and numerous of the Belgian tribes of north-eastern Gaul conquered by Julius Caesar in 57 BC. The name survives today in the French city of Beauvais, called by the Romans Caesaromagus.

The Bellovaci fought Caesar during the Gallic Wars. Bellovaci employed guerrilla warfare, in particular targeting Roman foragers. Meanwhile, Caesar's strategic plan was to draw the Bellovaci forces out into open ground. For a long time, there was a standoff.

Eventually, Caesar built a bridge crossed the marsh by Mount St. Marc, positioning his troops within missile range of the Bellovaci camp.[5] Correus and the Bellovaci retreated in the night to a stronger camp 10 miles away, using a line of fire to blind the Roman troops, leaving traps in their wake to impede Roman pursuit. Correus then attempted an ambush on Caesar's troops, but the Bellovaci were defeated, and their general Correus killed.
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