Selge - A settlement in Pisidia
Selge was an important city in Pisidia, on the southern slope of Mount Taurus, at the part where the river Eurymedon forces its way through the mountains towards the south.

Selge rose to the rank of the most powerful and populous city of Pisidia, and at one time was able to send an army of 20,000 men into the field. The Selgians were never subject to any foreign power, but remained in the enjoyment of their own freedom and independence.

The remains of the city consist mainly of parts of the encircling wall and of the acropolis. A few traces have survived of the gymnasium, the stoa, the stadium and the basilica. There are also the outlines of two temples, but the best conserved monument is the theater, restored in the 3rd century AD.

Modern location: Ruins located near Antalya, Turkey

(1) Selge 350-300 BC
Obverse: Facing gorgoneion
Reverse: Helmeted head of Athena right; astralagos behind
Ref: SNG France 1934
(2) Selge 250-190 BC
Obverse: Facing gorgoneion
Reverse: Helmeted head of Athena right within incuse square
Ref: SNG von Aulock 5242
(3) Selge c. 350-300 BC
Obverse: facing head of Medusa (Gorgoneion), tongue protruding
Reverse: head of Athena leftwearing crested helmet; astragalos behind
Ref: SNG BnF 1928; SNGvA 5281; BMC Lycia...
(4) Selge c. 200-1 BC
AE unit Selge
Obverse: bearded head of Herakles right with club across shoulder
Reverse: winged thunderbolt and bow right Σ_E_Λ
Ref: SNG Cop 263, SNG von Aulock 5288; B...