Ercavica - A settlement in Tarraconensis
Ercavica was an important Roman city whose remains are visible today at an archaeological site, which is located on the hill of Santaver near Cañaveruelas in Spain.

The Roman city was developed from the 2nd century BC with a regular street plan, a city wall and public and private buildings.

The Augustan period saw the transformation of Ercávica with the construction of sophisticated buildings such as a forum, basilica and temple(s), and the grant of status of municipium as shown by coins issued by its mint

Modern location: Santaver, Cañaveruelas

(1) Augustus 27 BC-14 AD
Obverse: AVGVSTVS DIVI F, Head of Augustus facing right, wearing laurel wreath
Reverse: MVN ERCAVICA, Bull standing facing right
Ref: RPC I 459