Allobroges Authority in Tribe from Before 218 BC to ?.
The Allobroges were a Gallic tribe of ancient Gaul, located between the Rhône River and Lake Geneva in what later became Savoy, Dauphiné, and Vivarais. Their cities were in the areas of modern-day Annecy, Chambéry and Grenoble. Their capital was modern Vienne.

The first recorded reference to the Allobroges is from the Greek historian Polybius in 150-130 BC. He tells how they unsuccessfully resisted Hannibal when he crossed the Alps in 218 BC. They played an important part in deciding to foil the second Catilinarian Conspiracy of 63 BC, where they revealed the conspirators to the Consul Cicero. The conspirators had approached them as possible allies, as they were in Rome seeking relief from Roman opression.

Emperor Augustus placed the Allobroges in the region of Gallia Narbonensis and later Gallia Viennensis. Under the Roman Empire, Vienne grew and in 100 AD Tacitus described it as "historic and imposing".
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