Salapia - A settlement in Apulia
Salapia was an ancient city in Apulia. The origins of the city dates to the end of the tenth century BC, as part of the migration of Illyrian people from the Dalmatian coast to that of Puglia. The current hypothesis is, that Salapia was founded by Liburnian settlers from the city of Nin. It stretched over three 'peninsulas'

From the political point of view, Salapia was organized as a city-state, in which power was in the hands of a narrow oligarchy. The confirmation of this political autonomy comes from their coinage, on which we often find the names of the rulers of the time.

In the middle of the first century BC the city declined, not only to the war and economic difficulties, but also to changing environmental conditions. The Salapians were allowed to relocate to a nearby Roman settlement.

Modern location: Salpi

(1) Salapia c. 275-250 BC
AE unit Salapia
Obverse: dolphin right; ΔAZANΩI / ΔAMOI
Reverse: dolphin right; ΣAΛAΠINΩN
Ref: HNItaly 689