Mithrapata Dynast of the Kingdom of Lycia from 390 BC to 370 BC.
Mithrapata was dynast of Lycia in the early 4th century BC, at a time when this part of Anatolia was subject to the Persian, or Achaemenid, Empire.

Present-day knowledge of Lycia in the period of classical antiquity comes mostly from archaeology, in which this region is unusually rich. Believed to have been based at Antiphellus, Mithrapata is known to have competed for power with another man named Arttumpara.

The name of Mithrapata, which is of Persian origin, is known from Lycian coins and also from inscriptions. During the fifth and fourth centuries B.C., the Lycian nobility was using Persian names, so Mithrapata may have been one of them. However, it has also been suggested that he may have been a Persian sent to rule Lycia by Artaxerxes II.
An AR Diobol struck 390-370 BC in Xanthos?
Obverse: Facing scalp of lion

Reverse: Triskeles within incuse square

Diameter: 14 mm
Die Orientation: -
Weight: 1.2 g
No notes for this coin
Müseler VII.91-2, SNG Copenhagen Supp. 476.