Avitus - Augustus of Imperium Romanum from 8 or 9 July 455 to 17 October 456
Marcus Maecilius Flavius Eparchius Avitus was Western Roman Emperor from 8 or 9 July 455 to 17 October 456. He was a senator and a high-ranking officer both in the civil and military administration, as well as Bishop of Piacenza.

A Gallo-Roman aristocrat, he opposed the reduction of the Western Roman Empire to Italy alone, both politically and from an administrative point of view.

Avitus had a good relationship with the Visigoths, in particular with their king Theodoric II, who was a friend of his and who acclaimed Avitus Emperor. The possibility of a strong and useful alliance between the Visigoths and Romans ended, however, when Theodoric invaded Roman Hispania and then refused to help Avitus against the rebel Roman generals who deposed him.
Emperor Avitus of the Roman Empire (West)

(1) Avitus
Obverse: plain diademed bust no letters visible
Reverse: Victory, winged, draped, standing left holding wreath in right hand, epsilon left field, RM mint mark
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