Pyrrhus King of Epirus from 297 BC to 272 BC.
Pyrrhus or Pyrrhos was a Greek general and statesman of the Hellenistic period. He was king of the Greek tribe of Molossians, of the royal Aeacid house, and later he became king of Epirus.

Pyrrhus was one of the strongest opponents of early Rome. His battles, though victories, caused him unacceptably heavy losses, from which the term 'Pyrrhic victory' was coined.

While he was a mercurial and often restless leader, and not always a wise king, he was considered one of the greatest military commanders of his time. In his Life of Pyrrhus, Plutarch records that Hannibal ranked him as the greatest commander the world had ever seen, though in the life of Titus Quinctius Flamininus, Plutarch writes that Hannibal placed him second after Alexander the Great.
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