Hicetas Tyrant of Syracuse from 289 BC to 280 BC.
Hicetas was tyrant of Syracuse, during the interval between the reign of Agathocles and that of Pyrrhus.

We are told by Diodorus that he ruled nine years. The only events of his government that are recorded are a war with Phintias, tyrant of Agrigentum (modern Agrigento), in which he obtained a considerable victory, and one with the Carthaginians, by whom he was defeated at the river Terias.

He was eventually expelled from Syracuse by Thynion, an event which took place not long before the arrival of Pyrrhus in Sicily, and must therefore be referred either to 279 BC or 278 BC

There are numerous gold coins struck at Syracuse bearing the name of Hicetas. From the inscription on these ΕΠΙ ΙΚΕΤΑ, it is clear that he never assumed the title of Basileus.
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