Decentius - Caesar of Imperium Romanum from 350 to 353
Magnus Decentius was a usurper of the Western Roman Empire against emperor Constantius II. Decentius was possibly the cousin or brother of Magnentius, who had revolted against Constantius on 18 January 350.

Magnentius elevated Decentius to the rank of Caesar that winter, to oversee the defence of Gaul and the Rhine frontier. He was appointed consul ordinarius in 352.

When Magnentius was defeated by Constantius at the Battle of Mons Seleucus and committed suicide, Decentius, who was leading reinforcements, hanged himself at Senonae.
Caesar Decentius of the Roman Empire

(1) Decentius 351-352 AD
Obverse: DN DECENTIVS NOB CAES, bareheaded and cuirassed bust right
Reverse: VICTORIAE DD NN AVG ET CAE, two victories standing facing each other, holding between them a wreath encircling VOT V MVLT X in four lines. Short support column? SV in lower field
Ref: Sear 18882
(2) Decentius 350-353 AD
Obverse: Draped and cuirassed bust right; DN DECENTIVS NOB CAES
Reverse: Two Victories holding inscribed shield; VICT DD NN AVG ET CAES // (XP) / VOT / V / MVLT / X / SP / RSLG
Ref: RIC VIII Lyons 146; Sear 18883
(3) Decentius AD 351-352
Obverse: MAG DECENTIVS NOB CAES, bareheaded and cuirassed bust right; Γ behind
Reverse: VICT DD NN AVG ET CAES, two Victories balancing wreath inscribed VOT V MVLT X in four lines; star below; RP in exergue
Ref: RIC 219; C. 21