Mylasa - A settlement in Caria
Mylasa was an important city in Caria, and is attested in writing from the 7th century BC.

During Persian rule, Mylasa was the capital city of Caria. A dynasty was established by Hekatomnos in the 4th Century BC, and were officially subjects of the Persians - but Greek in language and culture.

Between 377-352 BC it was ruled by Mausolus, who brought it great wealth and importance, and from whom the name 'Mausoleum' comes.

Modern location: Milas, Turkey

(1) Hekatomnos 392-377 BC
Obverse: Head of roaring lion left
Reverse: Facing head of lion with forelegs at sides
Ref: Konuk, Coin M7 var; Troxell, Carian...
(2) Mylasa c. 210-30 BC
AE unit Mylasa
Obverse: labrys
Reverse: wide ornamented trident; MYΛA / ΣEΩN
Ref: Akarca 26; SNG Cop 424; BMC Caria p...