Coins from Resurgence (867-1056)
From 867 to 1056, the Empire was ruled by the Macedonian dynasty – which included some of the most capable emperors in Byzantine history. It is seen as a period of revival and resurgence, and the empire moved from defence to offence, reconquering lost territory. It was also characterised by a cultural revival in spheres such as philosophy and the arts.

The iconoclast movement experienced a steep decline: this favoured its soft suppression by the emperors and the reconciliation of the religious strife that had drained the imperial resources in the previous centuries. Despite occasional tactical defeats, the administrative, legislative, cultural and economic situation continued to improve. By the end of the period, the Empire stretched form Armenia in the east, to Calabria in Southern Italy in the west.

Religiously, this era saw the relations between Greek and Slavic-speaking Eastern and Latin-speaking Western Christian traditions reach a terminal crisis. Although there was a formal declaration of institutional separation, on July 16 1054, when three papal legates entered the Hagia Sophia during Divine Liturgy on a Saturday afternoon and placed a bull of excommunication on the altar, the so-called Great Schism was a culmination of centuries of gradual separation. The Latin and Orthodox churches were now entirely separate.

Resurgence (867-1056)

(1) Constantine VIII 1025-1028
Obverse: + ЄMMΛ-HOVHΛ, barred IC XC across field, nimbate bust of Christ facing, holding Gospels
Reverse: + IhSЧS/XRISTЧS/bASILЄЧ/bASILЄ· in four lines across field; above and below; ornate As.
Ref: DOC class A2; SB 1818
(2) Leo VI 886-912
Obverse: +LЄOҺ bAS-ILЄVS Rom. Crowned and draped bust facing, holding akakia.
Reverse: +LЄOҺ/ЄҺ ӨЄO ЬA/SILЄVS R/OmЄOҺ in four lines.
Ref: DOC 8; SB 1729
(3) Leo VI 886-912
Obverse: +LEON bAS-ILEVS ROM, crowned bust facing with short beard, wearing chlamys, holding akakia
Reverse: +LEOh Eh ΘEO bA-SILEVS R-OMEOh, legend in four lines.
Ref: Sear 1729; DOC 8
(4) Leo VI 886 - 912 AD
Obverse: +LEON bAS-ILEVS ROM / crowned bust facing with short beard, wearing chlamys, holding akakia
Reverse: +LEOh Eh ΘEO bA-SILEVS R-OMEOh / legend in four lines
Ref: Sear 1729