Coins from Mysia
Mysia is the northwestern region of Anatolia located on the shore of the Marmara Sea between Troas and Bithynia. The chief physical features of Mysia are the two mountains, Mount Olympus in the north and Mount Temnus in the south.

The most important cities were Pergamon in the valley of the Caïcus, and Cyzicus on the Propontis. The whole sea-coast was studded with Greek towns, several of which were places of considerable importance; thus the northern portion included Parium, Lampsacus and Abydos, and the southern Assos, Adramyttium. Further south, on the Eleatic Gulf, were Elaea, Myrina and Cyme.


(1) Alexander III | Antigones I c. 310-301 BC
Obverse: head of young Heracles in lion's skin right
Reverse: Zeus enthroned left, holding eagle and scepter, forepart of pegasus left in the left field; AΛEΞANΔPOY / (NO)
Ref: Price 1382; Müller 612
(2) Anonymous c. 300-294 BC
AE unit Pergamon
Obverse: Head of young Herakles right wearing lion's head.
Reverse: ΠEΡ, head of Athena right in crested helmet.
Ref: S 3958, BMC Mysia p. 112, 22
(3) Gambrion after 350 BC
AE unit Gambrion
Obverse: Laureate head of Apollo r.
Reverse: Eight-rayed star
Ref: SNG BnF 908–21; SNG Copenhagen 146–...
(4) Germanicus | Drusus II 14-19 AD
AE Half Unit Pergamon
Obverse: ΓEPMANIKOΣ KAIΣAP, Bare head of Germanicus facing right
Reverse: ΔPOVΣOΣ KAIΣAP, Bare head of Drusus facing right
Ref: RPC I 2367
(5) Kyzikos 480-450 BC
Obverse: Forepart of boar running left, upward tuna behind
Reverse: Head of roaring lion left within incuse square, star in upper left field
Ref: SNG France 375
(6) Kyzikos 450-400 BC
Obverse: forepart of boar left; tuna fish right
Reverse: head of lion left; star above
Ref: SNG Kayhan 57 ff.; SNG BnF 375; SNG...
(7) Kyzikos c. 400-300 BC
AE unit Kyzikos
Obverse: laureate head of Apollo left
Reverse: amphora, tuna fish right below; KY_ZI
Ref: SNG BnF 411, SNG Cop 57, SNGvA 7351...
(8) Lampsakos 400-200 BC
Obverse: Janiform female head
Reverse: helmeted head of Athena right, bee to the right; ΛA_M
Ref: SNG France 1190
(9) Lampsakos c. 500-450 BC
Obverse: forepart of Pegasos right
Reverse: quadripartite incuse square
Ref: Traité I 104 = J.P. Six, "Monnaies ...
(10) Parion c. 350-300 BC
Obverse: head of Medusa facing (Gorgoneion)
Reverse: bull standing left, head turned right; dolphin above; Π_A / PI
Ref: BMC 22
(11) Parion c. 45 BC
Obverse: female head right wearing stephane; C_G / I_P
Reverse: praefericulum; D_D
Ref: RPC I 2259; SNG France 1416
(12) Parion c. 480 BC
Obverse: head of Medusa (Gorgoneion) facing
Reverse: incuse square with angles in the corners forming cruciform pattern, pellet in center
Ref: SNG BnF 1347; SNG Delepierre 2526; ...
(13) Pergamon c. 133-16 BC
AE unit Pergamon
Obverse: head of Asclepius right
Reverse: a serpent-entwined staff; ΑΣΚΛΗΠΙΟΥ / ΣΩΤΗΡΟΣ
Ref: Sear #3971
(14) Pergamon c. 40-60 AD
AE unit Pergamon
Obverse: incuse reverse
Reverse: draped turreted bust of Roma right; ΘEAN PΩ_MHN, crescent
Ref: Lindgren III 277; SNGCop 446; BMC 2...
(15) Pergamon c. 200-100 BC
AE unit Pergamon
Obverse: head of Athena right wearing Corinthian helmet
Reverse: trophy; AΘHNAΣ / NIKHΦOPOY, ΠEPΓ ?
Ref: Sear 3960; SNGCop 393ff, SNGvA 1374
(16) Pergamon 200-133 BC
AE unit Pergamon
Obverse: helmeted head of Athena right
Reverse: owl standing facing on palm branch, wings open; AΘH_NAΣ / NIKHΦOPOY, monogram ? _ monogram ?
Ref: SGCV II 3962, SNG Cop 384 ff
(17) Pergamon 76-67 BC
Obverse: snake emerging from cista mystica, all in ivy wreath
Reverse: coiled snakes, flanking ornamented bow-case, thyrsos right; MOΣ / (ΠYP) / (ΠEP)
Ref: Kleiner, Hoard 44; Pinder 124 var. ...
(18) Pergamon c. 280 - 230 BC
AE unit Pergamon
Obverse: Athena left
Reverse: Two bulls
Ref: SNG Cop 327-328; Weber 5162
(19) Plakia c. 400-300 BC
AE unit Plakia
Obverse: turreted head of Cybele right
Reverse: lion right, devouring prey, grain-ear below; ΠΛAKIA
Ref: SNG BnF 2378 ff, SNG Cop 545; SNGvA...
(20) Prokonnesos c. 340-330 BC
Obverse: female head right (Aphrodite?) wearing laurel and sakkos
Reverse: oinochoe right; ΠPO__KON
Ref: SNG v. Aulock 1438; SNG France 2424...
(21) Tissaphernes c. 400-395 BC
AE unit Astyra
Obverse: head of Tissaphernes* right, short beard; TIΣΣA
Reverse: facing cult statue of Artemis Astyra wearing kalathos, club right; AΣTYPH
Ref: SNG BnF 124A, Klein 253, Winzer 6.2