Coins from Cyprus
The documented history of Cyprus begins in the 8th century BC, where the town of Kition recorded part of the ancient history of Cyprus on a stele.

In the late 4th century BC, Cyprus was conquered by Alexander II 'the Great', which accelerated an already clear drift towards hellenisation.

Alexander's death in 323 BC led to a period of turmoil, but by 294 BC the Ptolemaic Kingdom had gained control and Cyprus remained under Ptolemaic rule until 58 BC, when it became a Roman province.


(1) Alexander III 336-323 BC
Obverse: Head of Herakles right, wearing lion skin
Reverse: Zeus seated left, holding eagle and scepter, bow to left
Ref: Price 3139
(2) Alexander III ca. 325 BC
AE unit Kourion
Obverse: Head of Alexander as Herakles facing right, wearing lionskin headdress
Reverse: ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟY, Bowcase at top, club underneath inscription, laurel branch below
Ref: Price 3113
AE unit Cyprus
Obverse: ΑVΤ Κ Τ ΑΙΛ ΑΔΡΙ ΑΝΤΩΝΙΝΟС СƐΒ ƐV, Bust of Pius facing right, wearing laurel wreath, cuirass, and paludamentum
Reverse: Μ ΑVΡΗΛΙΟС ΚΑΙСΑΡ VΙΟС СƐΒΑC, Bare headed bust of Marcus with short beard, facing right, wearing cuirass, and paludamentum
Ref: RPC Online IV temp 5041
(4) Augustus 1 AD
Obverse: IMP AVGVST TR POT, Head of Augustus facing right, wearing laurel wreath
Reverse: SC inside an oak wreath
Ref: RPC I 3915
(5) Augustus ca. 21 BC
Obverse: IMP CAESAR DIVI F, Bare head of Augustus facing right
Reverse: A PLAVTIVS PROCOS, Temple of Aphrodite at Paphos, containing conical xoanon; semicircular courtyard
Ref: RPC I 3906
(6) Augustus 1 AD
Obverse: CAESAR AVG PAT PATR, Head of Augustus facing left, wearing laurel wreath
Reverse: C CAESAR AVG F PONT COS, Bare head of Gaius Caesar facing right
Ref: RPC I 3912
(7) Augustus ca. 21 BC
Obverse: IMP·CAESAR·DIVI·F·, Bare head of Augustus facing right
Reverse: A PLAVTIVS PROCOS, Temple of Aphrodite at Paphos, in which conical xoanon; semi-circular courtyard
Ref: RPC I 3906
(8) Augustus ca. 21 BC
Obverse: IMP CAES DIVI F AVGVSTVS, Bare head of Augustus facing right
Reverse: A PLAVTIVS PROCOS, Zeus Salaminios standing facing, holding philae and scepter; eagle rests on left wrist
Ref: RPC I 3907 corr. (obv. insc.)
(9) Azbaal c. 449-425 BC
Obverse: Herakles right, wearing lion's skin, holding bow in extended left hand and club over shoulder in his right hand
Reverse: lion attacking stag, crouching right; all within incuse square; lOZBOl
Ref: Zapiti & Michaelidou 5-6; Tziambazi...
(10) Caracalla 215-217 AD
Obverse: laureate head right; AVT KAI AN_TWNEINOC CE
Reverse: eagle facing, head left, wreath in beak, grain ear below; ΔHMAPX EΞ YΠATOC TO Δ
Ref: Prieur 1578
(11) Drusus II 22-23 AD
Obverse: DRVSVS CAESAR, Bare head of Drusus facing right
Reverse: Zeus Salaminios standing facing, head left, holding phiale and short scepter, eagle on left wrist
Ref: RPC I 3923; Tziambazis Roman 11
(12) Evagoras I 411-373 BC
Obverse: Bare head of young male facing right (Evagoras?)
Reverse: Smooth, no design
Ref: BMC 45; Tziambazis 116
Obverse: draped bust of Faustina I right; ΘEA ΦAY_CTEINA
Reverse: draped bust of M. Annius Galerius Antoninus right; M ΓAΛEPIOC ANTWNINOC AYTOKPATOPOC ANTWNINOY YIOC
Ref: Overbeck, Galerius 6; Parks 22; Vag...
(14) Henry II of Cyprus 1285 - 1306 AD
Obverse: Cross pattée in a solid ring with inscription around it. Solid ring on the rim.
Reverse: Lion of Cyprus facing left and in a ring. Inscription around it and another ring on the rim.
Ref: None provided
(15) Hugh IV of Cyprus 1324-1359
Obverse: Hugh seated facing, holding scepter and globus; B to left.
Reverse: Jerusalem cross.
Ref: Metcalf, Crusades 756; CCS 69.
(16) Ptolemy III 264-222 BC
Obverse: Head of Zeus-Ammon facing right, wearing tainia, dotted border
Reverse: ΠΤΟΛΕΜΑΙΟΥ ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ, Cult statue of Aphrodite standing facing
Ref: Svoronos 1008
(17) Ptolemy X 101-88 BC
Obverse: Head of Zeus-Ammon facing right, wearing diadem
Reverse: ΠΤΟΛEMAIOY ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ, Eagle with closed wings standing facing left on thunderbolt; large aphlaston at left
Ref: Svoronos 1813
(18) Tiberius | Livia after 15-16 AD
AE unit Cyprus
Obverse: TI CAESAR AVGVSTVS, Bare head of Tiberius facing right
Reverse: IVLIA AVGVSTA, Livia, veiled, seated facing right, holding long scepter in raised left hand and patera in extended right hand
Ref: RPC I 3919; Tziambazis 7; GIC 323; ...