Coins from Achaemenid Phoenicia
The Babylonian province of Phoenicia and its neighbors passed to Achaemenid rule with the conquest of Babylon by Cyrus in 539/8 BC. The Syro-Phoenician coastal cities remained under Persian rule for the following two centuries. The Phoenician navy supported Persia during the Greco-Persian War (490-49 BC). But when the Phoenicians were overburdened with heavy tributes imposed by the successors of Darius I, revolts and rebellions resumed in the Lebanese coastal cities. Phoenicia eventually fell to Alexander the Great, king of Macedonia in 4th century BC.
Achaemenid Phoenicia

(1) Addirmilk | Aynel c. 348-332 BC
Obverse: Galley with two soldiers left, below hippocamp left
Reverse: Lion bringing down a bull left; 'Ayin yodh nun 'aleph lamedh mem lamedh kaph gimel beth lamedh
Ref: Betlyon 21; SNG Copenhagen 134
(2) Azbaal c. 449-425 BC
Obverse: Herakles right, wearing lion's skin, holding bow in extended left hand and club over shoulder in his right hand
Reverse: lion attacking stag, crouching right; all within incuse square; lOZBOl
Ref: Zapiti & Michaelidou 5-6; Tziambazi...
(3) Ba'Alshillem II c. 371-370 BC
Obverse: galley left, waves below; Beth
Reverse: king of Persia standing right slaying erect lion with dagger; O ('ayin)
Ref: Elayi 2004 851 ff.; HGC 10 240; Bet...