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(1) Nasir al-Din Artuq Arslan 1214-1215 AD
Obverse: Bareheaded and draped bust facing slightly left; name and titles of Artuq Arslan around
Reverse: Name and titles of Abbasid caliph in five lines; above, Artuqid tamgha flanked by stars; date in outer margins
Ref: Album 1830.4; Whelan Type IVA; S&S ...
(2) Saloninus 255-259 AD
Obverse: P COR SAL VALERIANVS CAES / radiate, draped bust right
Reverse: DII NVTRITORES / Jupiter standing left, presenting Victory to Saloninus
Ref: RIC 35A Antioch
(3) Maximian 293 AD
Obverse: IMP C M A MAXIMIANVS AVG / radiate and cuirassed bust right
Reverse: CONCORDIA MILITVM / Jupiter presents Victory on a globe to Maximianus; Delta between; XXI(dot) in exergue
Ref: RIC 607
(4) Carinus 283-285 AD
Obverse: IMP C M AVR CARINVS PF AVG / Bust of Carinus, radiate, cuirassed, right
Reverse: VIRTVS AVGGG / Carinus standing right, holding sceptre, receiving Victory on globe from Carus standing left. Epsilon in lower centre. Mintmark XXI
Ref: RIC V Carus 327
(5) Jovian 363-364 AD
AE unit Sirmium
Obverse: DN IOVIANVS PF AVG / pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right
Reverse: VOT V MVLT X within wreath. Mintmark ASIRM
Ref: RIC VIII Sirmium 118
(6) Constantius II 350-355 AD
Obverse: D N CONSTANTIVS PF AVG / pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right
Reverse: FEL TEMP REPARATIO / helmeted soldier left, spearing fallen horseman to lower left; shield to right, Mintmark: ANA
Ref: RIC 153
(7) Constantius II 337-361 AD
AE unit Sirmium
Obverse: DN CONSTAN-TIVS PF AVG / pearl diademed, draped, cuirassed bust right, A behind bust
Reverse: CONCORDIA-MILITVM / emperor, diademed and in military dress standing facing, head left, holding standard with chi-rho banner in each hand, star above, III in left field. Mintmark: star SIRM
Ref: RIC VIII 21
(8) Constantius II 350-355 AD
Obverse: D N CONSTAN-TIVS P F AVG / Bust of Constantius II, pearl-diademed, draped, cuirassed, right; Δ behind bust
Reverse: FEL TEMP RE-PARATIO / Soldier, helmeted, draped, cuirassed, advancing left, spearing fallen horseman with right hand and wearing shield on left arm; shield on ground to right; horseman turning to face soldier, raising left arm
Ref: RIC VIII Thessalonica 182
(9) Nero 62-68 AD
Obverse: IMP NERO CAESAR AVG GERM / laureate head right
Reverse: Victory alighting left, holding shield inscribed SPQR. S-C across fields
Ref: RIC 351
(10) Macrinus 217-218 AD
Obverse: IMP C M OPEL SEV MACRINVS AVG / Bust laureate, cuirassed right, seen from front
Reverse: FELICITAS TEMPORVM / Felicitas standing left, holding short caduceus and scepter
Ref: BM-9, RIC-62, C-19 corr. (6 Fr.)
(11) Galba 68 AD
Obverse: IMP SER GALBA AVG TRP / Laureate and draped bust of Galba right
Reverse: SPQR OB CIV SER in three lines within oak-wreath
Ref: None provided
(12) C. Servilius M.f. 136 BC
Obverse: Helmeted head of Roma right, wearing winged helmet, pendant earring and necklace; behind, wreath above star, ROMA below
Reverse: The Dioscuri on horseback rearing in opposing directions, heads facing one another, each holding couched spear; stars above, C•SERVEILI•M•F in exergue
Ref: Crawford 239/1; RSC Servilia 1; Sea...
(13) Emperor Hui Zong 1111-1117 AD
3 Cash China
Obverse: Zheng He Tong Bao (Seal Script)
Ref: Hartill 16.440 (narrow rim)
(14) Faustina I AD 140-141
Obverse: DIVA FAVSTINA, diademed and draped bust right
Reverse: AVGVSTA, Ceres standing left, holding long torch in her right hand, and supporting drapery in left
Ref: RIC 362; BMC 421; Sear 4584
(15) Kujula Kadphises 30–80 AD
Obverse: Diademed and draped bust right
Reverse: Herakles standing left, holding club and lion's skin
Ref: None provided
(16) Anonymous 235-231 BC
Obverse: Head of Roma or Minerva(?) right, wearing Phrygian helmet.
Reverse: Dog standing right, left forepaw raised in pointing stance; ROMA in exergue.
Ref: Crawford 26/4
(17) Caracalla AD 215
Obverse: ANTONINVS PIVS AVG GERM, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right
Reverse: P M TR P XVIII COS IIII P P, radiate lion, walking left with thunderbolt in its jaws
Ref: RIC 273; BMCRE 150; RSC 322; Sear 6...
(18) Antiochus III 197-187 BC
Obverse: Diademed head right
Reverse: Apollo Delphios, testing arrow and resting hand on grounded bow, seated left on omphalos; ΔI in exergue
Ref: SC 1112; HGC 9, 447y
Obverse: Winged bust of Cupid right, with bow and quiver over shoulder; behind, MAXSVMVS downwards
Reverse: Distyle temple with figures of draped Jupiter and Libertas standing facing within; C EGNATIVS CN F below, CN N upwards to right, control numeral (VIII) to left
Ref: RSC Egnatia 3; Crawford 391/2; Sear...
(20) Boione 300 BC
AE unit Boione
Obverse: Female head left, wearing sphendone
Reverse: Bull standing right
Ref: SNG v. Aulock -; SNG Cop. 28
(21) Aigai (Aeolis) 400-300 BC
Obverse: Laureate head of Apollo right
Reverse: Head of goat right
Ref: SNG von Aulock 1593
(22) Aigai (Aeolis) 400-300 BC
Obverse: Laureate head of Apollo right
Reverse: Head of goat right
Ref: SNG von Aulock 1593
(23) Elaia 450-400 BC
Obverse: Helmeted head of Athena left
Reverse: E-Λ-A-I, olive wreath within incuse square
Ref: None provided
AE unit Stobi
Obverse: M AVR ANTONINVS, laureate and cuirassed bust right, seen from behind
Reverse: MVNICI STOBEN, Victory advancing left, holding wreath and palm
Ref: None provided
(25) Marcus Antonius 38-37 BC
AE Tressis Achaea
Obverse: M•ANT•IMP•TERT•COS•DESIG•ITER•ET•TER•III•VIR•R•P•C - Conjoined bare heads of Mark Antony and Octavian right, facing draped bust of Octavia left.
Reverse: M•OPPIVS•CAPITO•PRO•PR•PRAEF•CLASS•F•C - Three galleys under sail to right. Γ (Gamma) and Triskeles below.
Ref: RPC I 1463
(26) Temnos | Alexander III c. 188-170 BC
Obverse: head of young Heracles in lionskin right
Reverse: Zeus seated left, leaning on scepter, holding eagle; oinochoe within vine tendril left; AΛEΞANΔPOY / (ΠA) E
Ref: Price 1676; Müller 956
(27) Julia Domna 215 AD
Obverse: diademed and bust right; ·IOYΛIA·_AYΓOYCTA
Reverse: eagle facing, head left, wreath in beak, bust of Shamash between legs; ·ΔHMAPX···EΞ OYCIAC / Γ
Ref: Prieur 1021
(28) Septimius Severus | Caracalla 198-211 AD
AE unit Samos
Obverse: laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Caracalla right from behind facing laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Septimius Severus left from behind; AV KAI M AVP ANTΩNEINOC AV KAI Λ CEΠ CEOVHPOC
Reverse: Septimus Severus on horse prancing right, wearing cuirass and chalmys, is about to spear fallen enemy; CA_M_I_Ω_N
Ref: BMC Greek (Ionia) 258.p376
(29) C. Postumius 73 (74)BC
Obverse: draped bust of Diana right, bow and quiver over shoulder
Reverse: hound bounding right, hunting spear below; C·POSTVMI / (TA)
Ref: Crawford 394/1a, RSC I Postumia 9, ...
Obverse: head of Roma right wearing winged helmet; E
Reverse: Two dismounted horsmen fighting duel with their horses behind, each holding sword and shield; M·SERVEILI·C·F / L
Ref: Crawford 327/1, BMCRR Rome I 1660, ...
(31) C. Servilius M.f. 137 (136)BC
Obverse: helmet head of Roma right, wreath left; (XVI) ROMA
Reverse: the Dioscuri riding in opposite directions, heads turned confronting, each with star above his head and holding a spear; C·SERVEILI·M·F
Ref: Crawford 239/1, Sydenham 525, RSC I...
(32) Mytilene | Alexander III c. 188-170 BC
Obverse: head of young Heracles in lionskin right
Reverse: Zeus seated left, leaning on scepter, holding eagle, lyre left; AΛEΞANΔPOY / monogram / Δ
Ref: Price 1718
(33) Selinos c. 530-500 BC
Obverse: selinos leaf
Reverse: selinos leaf within incuse circle
Ref: SNG ANS 687; SNG München 879
(34) Morgantina 339-317 BC
Obverse: laureate head of Apollo right; MOPΓANTINΩN
Reverse: warrior on horseman left, brandishing spear, holding reins
Ref: SNG ANS 465 (same dies); SNG Copenh...
(35) Motya c. 400-397 BC
Obverse: head of Nymph facing, slightly right, wearing necklace
Reverse: crab, fish above; 'alep waw tet mem
Ref: Jenkins, Punic, pl. 23, 6; Campana ...
(36) Herennia Etruscilla 249-251 AD
Obverse: diademed and draped bust on crescent righ; EPENNIA ETPOYCKIΛΛA CEB ···
Reverse: eagle standing right on palm, wreath in beak; ΔHMAPX EΞOYCIAC / S C
Ref: Prieur: 610, CP 912
(37) Caracalla 198-217 AD
Obverse: laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right from behind; ???AP M AVP ANTΩNINOC
Reverse: Artemis Leucophryene facing within tetrastyle temple, small Nike on both sides; EΠI ΓPA AV_P Φ_IΛO_VMENOV B MAΓNHTΩN
Ref: SNG Cop. -. Schultz 188
(38) Panhormos | Q. Mallius c. 241-30 BC
AE unit Panhormos
Obverse: laureate head of Zeus left
Reverse: warrior standing half-left, extending hand, holding grounded shield and spear; Q / (MAL) / (ΠAP)
Ref: CNS I, 9.
(39) Iaitos c. 241-30 BC
Obverse: helmeted head of warrior righ
Reverse: warrior standing half-left, with grounded spear and shield; IAITI_NΩN
Ref: CNS I pg. 383, 4; SNG ANS -
(40) Kephaloidion c. 344-280 BC
Obverse: head of Herakles righ wearing lion's skin
Reverse: pegasos flying right; KEΦA
Ref: CNS 5/4; SNG ANS -.
(41) Aesernia c. 263-240 BC
AE unit Aesernia
Obverse: head of Vulcan left wearing laureate pileus, tongs behind; VOLCANOM
Reverse: Jupiter in biga right holding thunderbolt and reins; AISERNINO
Ref: HNItaly 430 SNG Copenhagen 256-257 ...
(42) Marcus Antonius 38-37 BC
AE Sestertius Achaea
Obverse: M ANT • IMP TER COS DES ITER ET TER III VIR R• P • C •, bare head of Antony right vis-à-vis head of Octavia left.
Reverse: M • OPPIVS • CAPITIO • P[R) • PR • PRAEF • CLASS • F • C • - Mark Antony and Octavia in quadriga of hippocamps; in l. field, HS and below, Δ and astragalos.
Ref: RPC I 1464.3
(43) Septimius Severus c. 207
Obverse: Septimius Severus facing right; text surrounding portrait (SEVERVS PIVSAUG)
Reverse: Concordia/Salus seated left; patera in right hand; scepter in left hand; sacrificing over altar
Ref: RIC IV, Part I, 221
(44) Cilician Satrapy c. 379-372
Obverse: Female head facing left; wearing wreath
Reverse: Female head facing forwards; wearing tall headdress
Ref: Imhoof 1
(45) Ptolemy XII 54-53 BC
Obverse: Diademed head of Ptolemy I right, wearing aegis
Reverse: ΠTOΛEMAIOY BAΣIΛEΩΣ, eagle with folded wings standing left on thunderbolt; in left field, date (L KH) above headdress of Isis; in right field, ΠA
Ref: None provided
(46) Trajan 113 AD
Obverse: IMP TRAIANO AVG GER DAC P M TR P COS VI P P / laureate draped bust right
Reverse: SPQR OPTIMO PRINCIPI / Aquila between vexillum & legion standard
Ref: Sear 3170
(47) Ptolemy I c. 305-283 BC
Obverse: Diademed head of Ptolemy I right, wearing aegis around neck, tiny Δ behind ear
Reverse: ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΠΤΟΛΕΜΑΙΟΥ, eagle standing left on thunderbolt, P above monogram to left
Ref: Svoronos 255; SNG Copenhagen 70
(48) L. Valerius Flaccus 108-107 BC
Obverse: Draped bust of Victory right; XVI monogram below chin
Reverse: Mars walking left, holding spear and carrying trophy over left shoulder; L•VALERI FLACCI and apex before; corn-ear behind
Ref: RSC Valeria 11; Crawford 306/1; Sea...
(49) Gordian III | Tranquillina 238-244 AD
Obverse: AVT K M ANT ΓOPDIANOC AVΓ CE TPANKVΛ-ΛEINA: Confronted busts of Gordian on left, laureate, draped and cuirassed, and Tranquillina on right, draped and wearing stephane
Reverse: OΔHCCЄITΩN: Nemesis standing left, holding wand over wheel, and sceptre.
Ref: AMNG I, 2394; SNG Copenhagen 687; V...
(50) Maximian 302-305
Obverse: IMP MAXIMIANVS P F AVG, laureate head right
Reverse: SACR MONET AVGG ET CAESS NOSTR, Moneta standing left, holding scales and cornucopiae, VI in right field, AQP in exergue.
Ref: None provided