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Obverse: helmeted and draped bust of Virtus right; III·VIR__VIRTVS
Reverse: Mn. Aquillius (consul 101 BC) facing, head right, holding shield, raising kneeling and slumped Sicilia left; (MN) AQVIL__(MN)·F·(MN)·N· / SICIL
Ref: Crawford 401/1, RSC I Aquillia 2; S...
(2) Ba'Alshillem II c. 371-370 BC
Obverse: galley left, waves below; Beth
Reverse: king of Persia standing right slaying erect lion with dagger; O ('ayin)
Ref: Elayi 2004 851 ff.; HGC 10 240; Bet...
(3) Ariarathes X 38-37 BC
Obverse: diademed head right
Reverse: Athena standing left holding Nike with wreath spear and shield on the ground; trophy to the left; BAΣIΛEΩΣ / AΡIAΡAΘOΥ // EΥΣEBOΥΣ KAI / ΦIΛAΔEΛΦOΥ / (ΠΛΘMO) / E
Ref: BMC Greek (Galatia) 2.p43 Simonetta...
(4) Antiochus IV 175 - c. 172 BC
Obverse: diademed and radiate head right
Reverse: veiled goddes facing, holding scepter; BAΣIΛEΩΣ // ANTIOXOY
Ref: SC 1479; HGC 9, 726
(5) Gallienus 253-268 AD
Obverse: laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right from behind, eagle below; AYT KAI ΠOYΛI EΓNA ΓAΛΛIHNOC CE / IA {E}
Reverse: Apollo Sidetes facing, head left, holding phiale and scepter; CIΔHTΩN__NEΩKOPΩN
Ref: SNG France 924; SNG von Aulock 4844
(6) Tacitus 276 AD
BL Double Antoninianus Antioch
Obverse: radiate, draped and cuirassed bust with paludamentum right; IMP C M CL TACITVS P AVG
Reverse: Tacitus in military dress standing right, holding short eagle-tipped scepter and receiving globe from Jupiter standing left, holding long scepter; CLEMENTIA T_EMP / E / XI
Ref: BNC 1837; RIC1st 211; http://www.ri...
(7) Antiochus IV 175 - c. 172 BC
Obverse: laureate head of Apollo right; monogram left
Reverse: Apollo seated on omphalos left, holding arrow and bow; aphlaston left; BAΣIΛEΩΣ // ANTIOXOY / /\(
Ref: Cf. SC 1478.2; HGC 9, 725
(8) Antoninus Pius 138-161 AD
AE unit Savatra
Obverse: laureate head right; ΑΥΤ ΚΑΙC ΑΔΡ__ΑΝΤΩΝΙΝΟC CΕ
Reverse: naked unknown deity, half left, holding grain ears and cattail stalk, fish left at the feet; smaller stalk behind; СΑΟVΑ_ΤΡEΩΝ
Ref: vA Lykao. 166-81, BMC 2; Volume IV,...
(9) Antoninus Pius 138-161 AD
Obverse: laureate head right; AVT KAI AΔP__ANTωNEINOC
Reverse: Mên half left wearing Phrygian cap, crescent behind shoulders, foot on Bucranium, holding pine cone and long scepter; ΤΙΒƐΡΙE_ω_Ν ΠΑΠΠΗΝ(ωΝ)
Ref: vA Pisid. I, 1149-73, BMC 1-2, Cop ...
(10) Antoninus Pius 139 AD
Obverse: laureate head right; ANTΩNEINOC__CEBACTOC
Reverse: Mount Argaeus, statue of Helios on top, holding globe and scepter, star below; YΠATB ΠATΠATP
Ref: Sydenham 301c var. (reverse legend)...
(11) Aurelian 274 AD
Obverse: radiate and cuirassed bust; IMP C AVRELIANVS AVG
Reverse: Sol half-right, head left, raising hand and holding globe, bounded captive in oriental dress at feet to left; SOLI INVICTO / * / VII
Ref: LV 8034; RIC1st 257 var.; http://ww...
(12) Philadelphia (Cilicia) c. 200-268 AD
AE unit Philadelphia (Cilicia)
Obverse: bust of Minerva or Athena right wearing crested helmet; ΦΙΛΑΔЄΛ_ΦEωΝ
Reverse: horizontal branch with two grapes; KIH_TωN
Ref: SNG Levante 574; SNG Pfalz 998; Lin...
(13) Ajax (high priestand toparch) 10-15 AD
AE unit Olba
Obverse: draped bust of right Ajax high priest wearing pilos (as Hermes); kerykeion over breast; ΑΙΑΝΤΟΣ ΤΕΥΚΡΟΥ
Reverse: triskeles; AΡΧΙΕΡΕΩΣ / ΤΟΠΑΡΧΟΥ // ET_A // ΚΕΝ_ΝΑΤ / ΛΑΛΑΣΣ
Ref: RPC I, 3725; G. M. Staffieri, La mo...
(14) Rome | Anonymous 86 (81)BC
Obverse: laureate head of Apollo right
Reverse: Victory standing right crowning trophy with wreath; M / ROMA
Ref: Crawf. 373/1 b; BMC 757; King 50; S...
(15) Pitane 300-200 BC
AE unit Pitane
Obverse: head of Zeus-Ammon right
Reverse: pentagram, • in center; Π_I_T_A_N
Ref: BMC 171, 5; SNG France 2349; Tuebin...
(16) M. Iunius D.f. Silanus 146 (145)BC
Obverse: head of Roma right wearing winged helmet, ass head left; X
Reverse: Dioscuri on horses right holding spears and reins; M·IVNI / ROMA
Ref: Crawford 220/1, SRCV I 96, Sydenham...
(17) Ariarathes X 42-36 BC
AE unit Eusebeia
Obverse: draped bust of Artemis left
Reverse: stag left; BAΣIΛEΩΣ / APIAPAΘ
Ref: Simonetta 4 (uncertain); HGC 7, 856...
(18) Keramos c. 400-200 BC
AE unit Keramos
Obverse: bull right; ΞE
Reverse: dolphin right; ΔYO
Ref: CNG coin ,lot 702; Cf. Lindgren III...
(19) Kaunos 390-290 BC
AE unit Kaunos
Obverse: head of Apollo slightly right
Reverse: sphinx standing left; Δ _ Γ
Ref: Troxell (1979), pg. 261, 30; SNG Ke...
(20) Sestos Sestos c. 300 BC
AE unit Sestos
Obverse: female head left wearing sphendone
Reverse: herm, palm frod left; ΣHΣ / Δ
Ref: SNG Copenhagen -; Klein -; cf. BMC ...
(21) Salapia c. 275-250 BC
AE unit Salapia
Obverse: dolphin right; ΔAZANΩI / ΔAMOI
Reverse: dolphin right; ΣAΛAΠINΩN
Ref: HNItaly 689
(22) Baktria 305-294 BC
Obverse: head of Athena right wearing earring, necklace, and crested Attic helmet decorated with three olive leaves over visor and a spiral palmette on the bowl
Reverse: eagle standing left, head right, grape cluster on vine with leaf above
Ref: Roma XIV, 334; Bopearachchi, Sophyt...
(23) Domitia 82-96 AD
AE unit Kilbianoi Superiores
Obverse: draped bust right; ΔΟΜΙΤΙΑ CΕΒΑCΤΗ
Reverse: facing cult statue of Artemis Ephesia, wearing polos and veil; KΙΛΒΙΑΝΩΝ ΤΩΝ ΑΝΩ
Ref: RPC II 1062; BMC 1-2; Sear GIC 913;...
(24) Julia Paula 220 AD
Obverse: draped bust right; IVLIA PAVLA AVG
Reverse: Concordia seated left, holding patera; star to left; CONCORDIA
Ref: RIC IV 211 (Elagabalus); Thirion 45...
(25) M. Plaetorius M.f. Cestianus 58 BC (69 BC)
Obverse: draped bust of Proserpina right wearing bag or net decorated with poppy heads; cup behind
Reverse: jug and torch; M·PLAETORI / CEST·S·C
Ref: Crawford 405/4a; Babelon Plaetoria ...
(26) Dahae 247-200 BC
Obverse: head left
Reverse: archer right holding bow and arrow
Ref: Mitch., Central Asia, 16; Mitch., I...
(27) Argilos c. 495-460 BC
Obverse: forepart of Pegasos right
Reverse: quadripartite incuse square
Ref: Liampi, Argilos period VI, 122-127;...
(28) Solus c. 400-300 BC
Obverse: head of Athena half left wearing Corinthian helmet
Reverse: warrior right, kneeling drawing arrow bow kjRA
Ref: cf. Calciati I pg. 310, 5 (same); S...
(29) Eryx 400-340 BC
AE unit Eryx?
Obverse: head of Tanit left
Reverse: horse right; Mem
Ref: CNS I S.287.22; HGC 30
(30) Phokian Confederation 351-347 BC
Obverse: three filleted boukrania; ΦΩ_ΚΕ_ΩΝ
Reverse: laureate wreath; T
Ref: Slg. BCD Lokris - Phokis 328; SNG C...
(31) Mazaios 361/0-334 BC
Obverse: Baal seated left, holding grapes, grain ear, and sceptre
Reverse: lion attacking stag left
Ref: Casabonne Series 1; SNG France 329;...
(32) Alexander (dynast) 369-359 BC
Obverse: forepart of butting bull right
Reverse: forepart of horse right; AΛEΞAN / ΔPOY
Ref: BCD Thessaly II 708.2; HGC 4, 584
(33) Kos 500-480 BC
Obverse: crab
Reverse: quadripartite incuse square
Ref: SNG Copenhagen 615-6 (diobols); HGC...
(34) Severus Alexander 224-225 AD
AE unit Eusebeia
Obverse: laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right from behind; countermark - radiate head of Helios-Genius Argaeei; AV K CEOV__AΛEΞAN
Reverse: Mount Argaeus agalma, wreath above; (MH)TPO__KAIC / ET Δ
Ref: Volume VI, № 6784, S 555; SM 556b c...
(35) Claudius 41-54 AD
Obverse: bare head left; TI·CLAVDIVS·CAESAR·AVG·GERM
Reverse: aquila on thunderbolt right, signum on each side; COL·_·A·A·_PATR / X_XII
Ref: RPC 1256; BCD Peloponnesos 546.1
(36) Constantine I 320 - 321 AD
Obverse: CONSTAN-TINVS AVG: Head of Constantine I, laureate, right
Reverse: D N CONSTANTINI MAX AVG: VOT/XX within a laurel wreath. MintMark: (* closing wreath)//TSΓVI
Ref: RIC VII Thessalonica 117
(37) Constantius II 337-340 AD
Obverse: pearl-rosette-diademed head right; CONSTAN_TIVS AVG
Reverse: two soldiers standing either side of a standard; GLOR_IA EXERC_ITVS / SMHA
Ref: RIC VIII Heraclea 22
(38) Constantius II 355-361 AD
Obverse: pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right; D N CONSTAN_TIVS P F AVG
Reverse: soldier spearing falling horseman (phrygian helmet); FEL TEMP__REPARATIO / M / ΓSIS Z retrograde
Ref: Siscia 369
(39) Faustina II AD 147-176
Obverse: FAUSTINAE AVG PII AVG FIL, draped bust right
Reverse: VENVS, Venus standing facing, head left, holding apple and rudder
Ref: RIC 515a (Pius); RSC 261
(40) Otacilia Severa AD 247
Obverse: M OTACIL SEVERA AVG, draped bust right, wearing stephane, set on crescent
Reverse: CONCORDIA AVGG, Concordia seated left, holding patera and double cornucopiae
Ref: RIC IV 125c (Philip I); RSC 4; Sear...
(41) Hadrian 128-138 AD
Obverse: head right; HADRIANVS__AVGUSTVS P P
Reverse: facing cult statue of Kore, headdress with plume, stiff robe falling to feet and veil draped over wrists; grain ear on both sides; COS__III
Ref: RIC 510; RSC 279; Metcalf Typ 47.
(42) Huvishka 158-195 AD
AE Tetradrachm Unknown mint
Obverse: King riding on elephant right, holding trident
Reverse: Deity standing facing, nimbate, offering diadem with right hand, the diadem ends encircling the tamgha at left
Ref: None provided
(43) Kyme 350-250 BC
AE unit Kyme
Obverse: Forepart of horse right
Reverse: Skyphos, monogram in field
Ref: BMC 459
(44) Thessalian League 130 - 100 BC
Obverse: Laureate head of Apollo right; HP monogram behind
Reverse: Athena Itonia right; Π-I across central field
Ref: BCD Thessaly 889.3 (this coin)
(45) Zeno 476 - 491 AD
Obverse: D N ZENO - PERP AVG: Bust of Zeno, helmeted, pearl-diademed, cuirassed, facing front, holding spear in right hand behind head and shield decorated with horseman on left arm
Reverse: VICTORI-A AVGGGΔ: Victory, winged, draped, standing right, supporting long jeweled cross; star in right field. MintMark: -/-//CONOB
Ref: RIC X Zeno (East) 910
(46) Constantine I 319 AD
Obverse: CONSTANTI-NVS AVG: Bust of Constantine I, wearing high-crested helmet, cuirassed, left, spear across right shoulder and shield on left arm
Reverse: VICT • LAETAE PRINC PERP: Two Victories, winged, draped, facing each other, holding a shield inscribed VOT/PR supported by S on altar MintMark: -/-//•ΓSIS•
Ref: RIC VII Siscia 84
(47) Rhodos 305 - 275 BC
Obverse: Head of Helios facing slightly right
Reverse: Rose with bud to right, POΔION above, star and Δ to left
Ref: Ashton 170; HGC 6, 1443
(48) Marcus Antonius 32-31 BC
Obverse: Praetorian ship right, with scepter tied with fillet on prow; above, ANT AVG; below, III. VIR. R.P.C.
Reverse: Aquila (eagle) between two standards; around, LEG XVII CLASSICAE
Ref: Crawford 544/10, CRI 373, Sydenham ...
(49) Trajan 114 AD
Obverse: IMP CAES NER TRAIANO OPTIMO AVG GER DAC: Bust of Trajan, laureate, draped, right
Reverse: P M TR P COS VI P P S P Q R FORT RED: Fortuna, draped, veiled, seated left on chair without back, holding rudder set on ground in right hand and cornucopiae in left
Ref: RIC II Trajan 318 (denarius)