Coins from Sicily
The Greek coins of Sicily are considered among the finest numismatic works of art ever produced. Superb examples may cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In the early 5th Century, bronze coinage was invented in Sicily as practical alternative to diminutive silver denominations.

This category covers the cities of Akragas, Gela, Himera, Kamarina, Katane, Messana, Syracuse and more - as well as Punic Sicily!


(1) Akragas ~ 211-210 BCE
Obverse: Head of Triptolemos to the right
Reverse: Horse gallopping right, ḤT underneath
Ref: None provided
(2) Akragas 425-406 BC
Obverse: eagle right, tearing at hare AKP_A
Reverse: Crab, crayfish left below •••
Ref: SNG COP. 75 var. SNG München 132
(3) Akragas 480-470 BC
Obverse: sea eagle; AK / AЯ
Reverse: crab
Ref: Jenkins, Gela, Group IV; SNG ANS 95...
(4) Carthage 310-280 BC
AE unit Unknown mint
Obverse: head of Tanit decorated by grain ears left
Reverse: horse right, palm behind
Ref: Alexandropoulos 18, SNG Cop 109 ff....
(5) Dionysios I After 410 BC
Obverse: Head of Athena left, wearing Corinthian helmet with olive wreath; dolphin before and behind
Reverse: Hippocamp left; reins trailing.
Ref: Calciati 44
(6) Dionysios I After 410 BC
Obverse: Head of Athena left, wearing Corinthian helmet with olive wreath
Reverse: Hippocamp left
Ref: Calciati 44
(7) Gelon I 485-450 BC
Obverse: Head of Artemis-Arethustra right, hair turned up behind under diadem of beads, ΣV[RA] before
Reverse: Octopus/Cuttle-fish
Ref: cf. Sear 929
(8) Hieron II 275-215 B.C
AE unit Syracuse
Obverse: Head of Poseidon left, wearing tainia
Reverse: Trident flanked by two dolphins swimming downward
Ref: SNG ANS 982
(9) Himera 420-409 BC
Obverse: head of nymph left; •••••• / IM_E
Reverse: wreath, 6 • inside
Ref: SNG Cop 320; Calciati I p. 43, 35; ...
(10) Kamarina 420-405 BC
Obverse: Gorgoneion with smooth neat hair tied with ribbon protruding tongue
Reverse: owl standing left, head facing, lizard in right talon; KAMA / B / •
Ref: Calciati vol III, p. 53, 15; SGCV I...
(11) Segesta c. 460-440 BC
Obverse: Hound standing left
Reverse: Head of the nymph Segesta right, swastika behind
Ref: SNG ANS 621 (Without Swastika); McC...
(12) Syracuse c. 212-133 BC
AE unit Syracuse
Obverse: laureate head of Apollo left
Reverse: tripod with lebes; ΣΥΡAK_OΣIΩN
Ref: Calciati p. 419, 212
(13) Syracuse 485 - 466 BC
Obverse: Charioteer driving quadriga right; above, Nike flying right, crowning horses
Reverse: ΣYΡAKOΣION / head of Arethusa right, in pearl necklace & pearl diadem under which hair tucked up behind, four dolphins around
Ref: None provided
(14) Syracuse 410-405 BC
Obverse: Head of Arethusa left, wearing necklace
Reverse: Star of (8 or 16) rays in circular incuse within quadripartite incuse square
Ref: SNG ANS 398-402 or SNG ANS 394-7 va...
Obverse: Head of Kore left wreathed with grain, amthora ?; ΣΥΡAKOΣIΩN
Reverse: Bull butting left, dolphin above and below; (NK)
Ref: cf. Calciati II p. 218, 96 DS 114 R...
(16) Syracuse | Dionysios I 405-367 BC
Obverse: helmeted head of Athena left; ΣYPA
Reverse: Hippocamp left
Ref: Calciati vol. II, p. 89, 45