The Didrachm denomination
An ancient Greek silver coin denomination with a value of 2 drachms or 1/2 tetradrachm.

It weighed around 8.6 grammes, and could feature some impressive artwork due to the relatively large flans.

(1) Akragas 480-470 BC
Obverse: sea eagle; AK / AЯ
Reverse: crab
Ref: Jenkins, Gela, Group IV; SNG ANS 95...
(2) Anonymous 225-214 BC
Obverse: Laureate janiform head of Dioscuri
Reverse: Jupiter in quadriga driven by Victory right, holding sceptre and thunderbolt; ROMA below
Ref: Cr. 28/2, Syd. 65
(3) Anonymous c. 225-214 BC
Obverse: Laureate janiform head of Janus
Reverse: Jupiter, holding sceptre and brandishing thunderbolt, in quadriga driven to right by Victory; ROMA incuse on tablet below
Ref: Crawford 28/3; RSC 23; Sydenham 64
(4) Antoninus Pius 139 AD
Obverse: laureate head right; ANTΩNEINOC__CEBACTOC
Reverse: Mount Argaeus, statue of Helios on top, holding globe and scepter, star below; YΠAT B ΠAT ΠAT P
Ref: Sydenham 301c var. (reverse legend)...
(5) Baktria 295/3-285/3 BC
Obverse: head of Athena right, wearing earring, necklace and crested Attic helmet decorated with three olive leaves over visor and spiral palmette on the bowl wire necklace, round earring monogram
Reverse: owl standing right, grape bunch over tail; prow above AΘE
Ref: Roma XIV, 331; Bopearachchi, Sophyt...
(6) Eastern Celts | Alexander III 300-100 BC
AR Didrachm Unknown mint
Obverse: head of young Herakles right, wearing lion's skin
Reverse: Zeus seated left, leaning on scepter, holding eagle (goose)?; crescent left, AΛEΞANΔPOY (ΔIP) ?
Ref: Price B 40 (Var.) - Imitation Pric...
(7) Hyria (Campania) c. 405-400 BC
Obverse: head of Hera Lakinia facing slightly right, wearing necklace and polos ornamented with palmette between the foreparts of two griffins
Reverse: man-faced bull walking right YPINA (retrograde)
Ref: Rutter 134; Historia Numorum Italy ...
(8) Korkyra c. 229-48 BC
Obverse: Head of Dionysos right wearing ivy-wreath
Reverse: Pegasos; below prow right (KP) (AV) (KP)
Ref: HGC 6, 65
(9) Metapontion 400-340 BCE
Obverse: Head of Demeter right, hair bound with wreath of barley ears
Reverse: META (Barley ear)
Ref: None provided
(10) Rhodos c. 316-304 BC
Obverse: Helios head facing slightly right
Reverse: rose, grape cluster left, bud to the right; POΔION / E
Ref: Ashton, Colossus Series 1b. SNG Kec...
(11) Rome 225-217 BC
Obverse: laureate head of Janus
Reverse: Jupiter and Victory in quadriga right. Jupiter holding thunderbolt and scepter, Victory holding reins; ROMA
Ref: Crawford 34/1, Albert: 90.
(12) Segesta c. 460-440 BC
Obverse: Hound standing left
Reverse: Head of the nymph Segesta right, swastika behind
Ref: SNG ANS 621 (Without Swastika); McC...
(13) Tyre c. 330-329 BC
Obverse: Bearded Melqart riding hippocamp with curled wing to right, waves and dolphin below
Reverse: Owl standing right, head facing; crook and flail behind date II (year 2) and Phoenician letter tsade in right fields
Ref: BMC Phoenicia p. 231, 29; SNG Cop 3...
(14) Vespasian 77-78 AD
Reverse: Nike advancing right, holding wreath and palm; NIKH__CEBACTH
Ref: RPC II 1647, Sydenham 89