Coins from Galatia
Galatia was an area in the highlands of central Anatolia. It was named for the immigrant Gauls from Thrace, who settled here and became its ruling caste in the 3rd century BC, following the Gallic invasion of the Balkans in 279 BC.

The capital of Galatia was Ancyra - today Ankara, the capital of modern Turkey.

The Galatians were defeated by Rome in 189 BC and became a client state of Rome in 64 BC.


(1) Amyntas of Galatia 36-25BC
AE unit Galatia
Obverse: Head of Heracles right, club over shoulder
Reverse: Lion walking right, B above (for Basileus), XOA below
Ref: Sear 5694
(2) Antoninus Pius 138-161 AD
AE unit Iconium
Obverse: ANTONINVS AVG PIVS, Bust of Pius facing right, wearing larel wreath, cuirass, and drapery
Reverse: COL ICO, Head of Athena facing right, wearing crested Athenian helmet
Ref: RPC IV Online 7259
(3) Augustus 27 BC-14 AD
AE unit Lystra
Obverse: IMP AVG, Head of Augustus facing right, wearing laurel wreath
Reverse: CERERIS, Ceres seated facing left, with long torch, and ears of corn with poppies over altar
Ref: RPC I 3540
(4) Lucius Verus 161-169 AD
AE unit Ancyra
Obverse: laureate head right; AVTO__Λ OVHPOC
Reverse: star in crescent; ANKVΡANΩN
Ref: Arslan "Galatya.." B33 corr. (obv l...
(5) Nero c. 62-65 AD
AE unit Iconium
Obverse: laureate head right; NEPωN KAICAP CEBACTOC
Reverse: Poppaea as Kore seated left, holding poppy and scepter; ΠΟΠΠΑΙΑ CΕΒΑCΤΗ ΚΛΑΥΔΕΙΚΟ_NΙΕωΝ
Ref: RPC 3544; Von Aulock, Lykaoniens 27...
(6) Nero c. 65 AD
AE unit Acmoneia
Obverse: laureate bust right wearing aegis, crescent above, winged caduceus below; countermark: Asklepios standing right, holding serpent-encircled staff; NEPWNA CEBACTON AKMONEIC
Reverse: Zeus seated left, holding phiale and long scepter, owl below; CEPOYHNIOY KAΠITΩNOC KAI IOYΛIAC CEOYHPAC EPI AΠX TO Γ
Ref: BMC Phrygia 43, SNG Cop 29, RPC I 3...