Marcus Antonius - Triumvir of Res publica Romana from 27th of November 43 BC to 31st of December 33 BC
Marcus Antonius was a politician and general who played a critical role in transforming the Roman Republic from an oligarchy into an Empire.

As a supporter of Julius Caesar, he served as one of his generals during the conquest of Gaul and the Civil War. After Caesar's death in 44 BC, Antonius joined forces with Lepidus and Octavian to form the 2nd Triumvirate.

Relations among the triumvirs were strained. Lepidus was expelled in 36 BC, and in 31 BC a civil war erupted, as the Roman Senate declared war on Cleopatra and proclaimed Antonius a traitor. After the Battle of Actium, Antonius and Cleopatra fled to Egypt, where they committed suicide.
Marcus Antonius
Triumvir Marcus Antonius of the Roman Republic

(1) M. Barbatius Pollio | Marcus Antonius | Octavian 41 BC
Obverse: head of Mark Antony right, M·ANT·I(MP)·(AV)G·III·VIR·R·P·C·M·BARBAT·Q·P
Reverse: head of Octavian Caesar right, CAESAR·IMP·PONT·III·VIR·R·P·C·
Ref: Crawford 517/2, RSC I Mark Antony a...
(2) Marcus Antonius 32 B.C.
Reverse: LEG V
Ref: None provided
(3) Marcus Antonius 38-37 BC
AE As Achaea
Obverse: M•ANT•IMP•TERT•COS•DESIG•ITER•ET•III•VIR•RPC - Jugate busts of Mark Antony and Octavia right.
Reverse: M OPPIVS CAPITO PRO PR PRAEF CLASS F C - Galley right, below A.
Ref: RPC I 1470
(4) Marcus Antonius 32-31 BC
Obverse: galley right, mast with banners at prow, ANT·AVG / III ·VIR·R·P·C
Reverse: legionary aquila between two standards, LEG X?
Ref: Crawford 544/?
(5) Marcus Antonius 32-31 BC
Obverse: galley right, mast with banners at prow, ANT·AVG / III ·VIR·R·P·C
Reverse: legionary aquila between two standards, LEG_II ?
Ref: Crawford 544/14?
(6) Marcus Antonius 38-37 BC
AE Semis Syria
Obverse: M•ANT•TER•COS•DES• ITER•ET•TER•III•VIR•R•P•C, bare head right.
Reverse: L•BIBVLVS•M•F•PR•DESIG, quinquereme right, with three oars and stern ending in boar's head left.
Ref: RPC I 4092
(7) Marcus Antonius 41-40 BC
Obverse: Bust of Fulvia (as Victory) right.
Reverse: Minerva standing left, holding shield and spear; [ΦOYΛOYIANON] in right field, [Z]MEPTOPIΓOΣ / [Φ]IΛΩNIΔOΥ] in two lines in left field.
Ref: RPC I 3139
(8) Marcus Antonius 42 BC
Obverse: Winged bust of Victory right, with the likeness of Fulvia; III·VIR downwards in left field; R·P·C upwards in right field.
Reverse: Lion walking right; ANTONI above; A - XLI ( = 41, Antony’s age at time of issue) across field; IMP in exergue.
Ref: Crawford 489/6
(9) Marcus Antonius 32-31 BC
Obverse: Praetorian ship right, with scepter tied with fillet on prow; above, ANT AVG; below, III. VIR. R.P.C.
Reverse: Aquila (eagle) between two standards; around, LEG XVII CLASSICAE
Ref: Crawford 544/10, CRI 373, Sydenham ...
(10) Marcus Antonius 38-37 BC
AE Sestertius Achaea
Obverse: M ANT • IMP TER COS DES ITER ET TER III VIR R• P • C •, bare head of Antony right vis-à-vis head of Octavia left.
Reverse: M • OPPIVS • CAPITIO • P[R) • PR • PRAEF • CLASS • F • C • - Mark Antony and Octavia in quadriga of hippocamps; in l. field, HS and below, Δ and astragalos.
Ref: RPC I 1464.3
(11) Marcus Antonius 38-37 BC
AE Tressis Achaea
Obverse: M•ANT•IMP•TERT•COS•DESIG•ITER•ET•TER• III•VIR•R•P•C - Conjoined bare heads of Mark Antony and Octavian right, facing draped bust of Octavia left.
Reverse: M•OPPIVS•CAPITO•PRO•PR•PRAEF•CLASS•F•C - Three galleys under sail to right. Γ (Gamma) and Triskeles below.
Ref: RPC I 1463
(12) Marcus Antonius | Octavian 37 BC
Obverse: head of Agonothesia right; AΓΩNOΘEΣIA
Reverse: legend within wreath; ANT / KAI
Ref: RPC I 1552; SNG Copenhagen 375