Coins from Thessaly
Thessaly was home to extensive Neolithic and Chalcolithic cultures around 6000 B.C. - 2500 B.C. In Archaic and Classical times, the lowlands of Thessaly became the home of baronial families, such as the Aleuadae of Larissa or the Scopads of Krannon.

In the 4th century B.C. Jason of Pherae transformed Thessaly into a significant military power. Shortly after, Philip II of Macedon was appointed Archon of Thessaly, and the region was associated with the Macedonian Kingdom for the next centuries.

Later Thessaly became part of the Roman province of Macedonia.


(1) Alexander (Tyrant) 369-359 BC
Obverse: forepart of butting bull right
Reverse: forepart of horse right; AΛEΞAN / ΔPOY
Ref: BCD Thessaly II 708.2; HGC 4, 584
(2) Ekkarra c. 325-320 BC
AE unit Ekkarra
Obverse: laureate head of Zeus left
Reverse: Artemis standing left, leaning on scepter; EKKA_PPEI
Ref: Liampi, Ekkarra 47 (V13/R25); BM 19...
(3) Halos 300-200 BC
Obverse: Laureate head of Zeus right
Reverse: Phrixos on ram right, cloak flying; AΛE_Ω_N
Ref: BCD Thessaly II 86.4 corr., SNG Cop...
(4) Krannon 350-300 BC
AE unit Krannon
Obverse: Horseman riding left; Λ E
Reverse: Bull butting right; trident above; IΠ / KPAN
Ref: Rogers 190; SNG Cop. 42. BCD Thessa...
(5) Larissa (Thessaly) 356-342 BC
Obverse: head of nymph Larissa facing slightly left
Reverse: horse grazing right; ΛΑΡΙΣ / ΑΙΩΝ
Ref: Lorber Hoard, Phase L-III; cf. SNG ...
(6) Larissa (Thessaly) 356-342 BC
Obverse: head of nymph Larissa facing slightly left
Reverse: horse grazing right; ΛΑΡΙΣ / ΑΙΩΝ
Ref: Rogers 282; BCD 383.3
(7) Larissa (Thessaly) c. 400-365 BC
Obverse: Head of the nymph Larissa facing slightly left
Reverse: ΛAPI–ΣAIΩN, mare and her foal standing right
Ref: None provided
(8) Magnetes 197-146 BC
AE unit Demetrias
Obverse: Laureate head of Zeus left
Reverse: Centaur holding branch right, owl below; MAΓNHTΩN
Ref: SNG Cop 160, BMC 34.8-9
(9) Melitaea Late 4th cent.
Obverse: Laureate head of Zeus right
Reverse: Bee upwards, wings outstretched, M - [E] above, Λ - I below
Ref: BCD-459, Rogers-396
(10) Pelinna c. 425-350 BC
Obverse: Horseman left, striking at fallen Hoplite with javelin
Reverse: Warrior advancing left, holding shield ΠEΛINNA_ION
Ref: Rogers 427; BCD Thessaly 520; SNG C...
(11) Phalanna c. 400-344 BC
AE unit Phalanna
Obverse: head of Apollo right
Reverse: head of Nymph Phalanna right, hair in sakkos ΦAΛANNAIΩN
Ref: SNG Cop 203 ff.; BMC Thessaly p. 41...
(12) Pharkadon 480 - 400 BC
Obverse: Horse prancing right
Reverse: ΦΑΡ-ΚΑΔO, Athena standing right, holding spear and shield; all within incuse square.
Ref: BCD Thessaly I 1271 var. (ethnic), ...
(13) Pharsalos c. 450-400 BC
Obverse: helmeted head of Athena right
Reverse: head of horse right; Φ A / P Σ
Ref: Lavva 75 (V38/R44)
(14) Pherai c. 404-369 BC
AE unit Pherai
Obverse: head of Nymph Hypereia right, wearing wreath
Reverse: head of lion right, spouring water from mouth; ΦEPAI
Ref: Rogers 513; SNG Copenhagen 241
(15) Skiathos c. 350-344 BC
AE unit Skiathos
Obverse: young male (Hermes?) head left wearing tania
Reverse: Kerykeion and Herma?; ΣKI / AΘI
Ref: Rogers 574; SNG Copenhagen
(16) Skotussa c. 394-367 BC
AE unit Skotussa
Obverse: head of young Herakles left wearing lion's skin
Reverse: horse forepart right; Σ_KO ΦΠA
Ref: Rogers 541, fig. 299; Nomos 4, 1337...
(17) Thessalian League c. 150-100 BC
AE unit Thessaly
Obverse: head of Apollo right
Reverse: Athena Itonia right throwing spear holding shield; ΘEΣΣA / ΛΩN, ΦIΛOK, A / Σ _ OP, (ΓA)
Ref: Rogers 21; Sear #2238; Lindgren II ...
(18) Thessalian League 47-46 BC
Obverse: Head of Zeus right, wearing laurel wreath; [I]TAΛO[Σ] behind
Reverse: Athena Itonia advancing right; [Δ]IO-KΛHΣ above spear, N-I in inner fields
Ref: McClean 4797-8; SNG Copenhagen 277
(19) Thessalian League 130 - 100 BC
Obverse: Laureate head of Apollo right; HP monogram behind
Reverse: Athena Itonia right; Π-I across central field
Ref: BCD Thessaly 889.3 (this coin)
(20) Trikka c. 480-400 BC
Obverse: naked Thessalian youth standing right, restraining forepart of unruly bull prancing right
Reverse: forepart of bridled horse prancing right, within incuse square TPI_KK_AI (retrograde)
Ref: SNG Oxford 3933; BCD Thessaly II 76...