Coins from Campania
Campania was (and is) a region in southern Italy. It was colonised by Ancient Greeks and was part of Magna Græcia. During Roman times it maintained a Greco-Roman culture. The capital city was Neapolis.

The original inhabitants of Campania were three defined groups of the Ancient peoples of Italy, who all spoke the Oscan language, which is part of the Italic family; their names were the Osci, the Aurunci and the Ausones. Another Oscan tribe, the Samnites, moved down from central Italy into Campania and conquered it.


(1) Hyria (Campania) c. 405-400 BC
Obverse: head of Hera Lakinia facing slightly right, wearing necklace and polos ornamented with palmette between the foreparts of two griffins
Reverse: man-faced bull walking right YPINA (retrograde)
Ref: Rutter 134; Historia Numorum Italy ...
Obverse: bust of Roma right wearing winged helmet PRO Q L MANLI
Reverse: Sulla right in quadriga holding caduceus and reins, Victory flying right holding wreath L·SVLLA·IM
Ref: Crawford 367/5, SRCV I 286, RSC I M...
(3) Neapolis (Italy) 250-225 BC
Obverse: laureate head of Apollo left with long hair, control symbol behind
Reverse: lyre, on left, leaning against omphalos, on right, thyrsos below legend; NEOΠOΛITΩN
Ref: SNG ANS -; SNG Copenhagen -; Rutter...