Coins from Other Provincial
This category contains coins for which no separate category has been created, and which can be broadly classified as 'Roman Provincial'.

Coins are periodically moved out of this category as new categories are created, or as they are reclassified.
Other Provincial
(1) C. Matuinus Aedile | T. Anicius Aedile
An AE Semis struck c. 45 BC in Parion
Obverse: female head right wearing stephane; C_G / I_P

Reverse: praefericulum; D_D

Diameter: 14 mm
Die Orientation: -
Weight: 2.7 g
No notes for this coin
RPC I 2259; SNG France 1416
(2) Geto-Dacians
An AU Stater struck c. 40-29 BC in Sarmizegetusa?
Obverse: togate L. Junius Brutus between two lictors left; KOΣΩN

Reverse: eagle left, holding wreath and scepter in talon

Diameter: 19 mm
Die Orientation: -
Weight: 8.6 g
Original issue was made by L. Junius Brutus prior the battle of Philippi to pay Geto-Dacian troops. Legend (BR) KOΣΩN probably means "of Brutus the consul". These coins were subsequently imitated in slightely worse style and gold quality. They were made of Dacian gold possibly struck in Sarmizegetusa.
Iliescu 2; RPC I 1701B; BMC Thrace p. 208, 2.
(3) Marcus Antonius
An AE 22 struck 34-33 BC in Dora
Obverse: Conjoined diademed and draped bust of Cleopatra, and bare head of Antony right.

Reverse: Tyche of Dora standing left, holding palm frond and caduceus; L ΘΙ (date) to left; Ω/Δ to right.

Diameter: 22 mm
Die Orientation: 12 H
Weight: 7.28 g
Provenance : CNG Electronic Auction 488 (24 March 2021), lot 353.
RPC I 4752
(4) Q. Mallius
An AE unit struck c. 241-30 BC in Panhormos
Obverse: laureate head of Zeus left

Reverse: warrior standing half-left, extending hand, holding grounded shield and spear; Q / (MAL) / (ΠAP)

Diameter: 20.5 mm
Die Orientation: -
Weight: 7.7 g
(208-180 BC)
CNS I, 9.