Thessalian League - Authority in from Late 6th century BC to 146 BC
The Thessalian League was a loose confederacy of feudal-like city-states and tribes in the Thessalian plain in Northern Greece. The seat of the Thessalian diet was Larissa.

At the end of Second Macedonian War in 196, Rome established Thessaly as a koinon, Federal League, and cultivated its development to make it part of hegemonic powers of central and northern Greece. Under Roman control, the Thessalian League gradually increased in size and power as a loyal ally and it played a significant role in the campaigning and theatre of operation during the Roman civil wars.
Thessalian League
Thessalian League of Federation

(1) Thessalian League c. 150-100 BC
AE unit Thessaly
Obverse: head of Apollo right
Reverse: Athena Itonia right throwing spear holding shield; ΘEΣΣA / ΛΩN, ΦIΛOK, A / Σ _ OP, (ΓA)
Ref: Rogers 21; Sear #2238; Lindgren II ...
(2) Thessalian League 47-46 BC
Obverse: Head of Zeus right, wearing laurel wreath; [I]TAΛO[Σ] behind
Reverse: Athena Itonia advancing right; [Δ]IO-KΛHΣ above spear, N-I in inner fields
Ref: McClean 4797-8; SNG Copenhagen 277
(3) Thessalian League 130 - 100 BC
Obverse: Laureate head of Apollo right; HP monogram behind
Reverse: Athena Itonia right; Π-I across central field
Ref: BCD Thessaly 889.3 (this coin)