Philip V - Basileus of Macedon from 221 BC to 179 BC
Philip V was King of the ancient kingdom of Macedonia from 221 to 179 BC. Philip's reign was principally marked by an unsuccessful struggle with the emerging power of the Roman Republic.

The son of Demetrius II and Chryseis, Philip was nine years old at his father's death in 229 BC. His cousin, Antigonus III Doson, administered the kingdom as regent until his death in 221 BC when Philip was seventeen years old.

In 215 BC, he entered into a treaty with Hannibal, the Carthaginian general then in the middle of an invasion of Roman Italy. Their treaty defined spheres of operation and interest, but achieved little of substance or value for either side. Philip became heavily involved in assisting and protecting his allies from attacks from the Spartans, the Romans and their allies. In 200 BC, with Carthage no longer a threat, the Romans declared war on Macedon, arguing that they were intervening to protect the freedom of the Greeks. After campaigns in Macedonia in 199 BC and Thessaly in 198 BC, Philip and his Macedonian forces were decisively defeated at the Battle of Cynoscephalae in 197 BC.
Philip V
King Philip V of Macedonia

(1) Philip V 220-179 BC
AE unit Macedonia
Obverse: head of bearded Harakles right wearing lion's skin
Reverse: inscription above and below harpa, all in oak wreath; ΔI / BAΣIΛEΩΣ / ΦIΛIΠΠOY
Ref: cf. SNG Alpha Bank 1116 ff., SNG Co...