Demetrius I Poliorketes - ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ of Macedon from 294 BC to 288 BC
Demetrius I was a Macedonian Greek nobleman, military leader, and finally king of Macedon between 294–288 BC. He belonged to the Antigonid dynasty and was its first member to rule Macedonia. His father was Antigones I Monophthalmos.

Due to war and revolt, he was forced to leave Macedonia i 288 BC. In 286 BC, famine and pestilence destroyed most of his army, and he was forsaken by his troops on the field of battle and surrendered to Seleucus.

His son Antigonus offered all his possessions, and even his own person, in order to procure his father's liberty, but Demetrius died after a confinement of three years.
Demetrius I Poliorketes
King Demetrius I Poliorketes "the Besieger" of Macedonia

Epithet: Πολιορκητής ("the Besieger")

(1) Demetrius I Poliorketes 290-283 BC
AE unit Caria?
Obverse: Demetrios' head right, wearing crested Corinthian helmet.
Reverse: ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ∆ΗΜΗΤΡΙΟΥ, Prow right, BA above, AP monogram below, double axe before.
Ref: Newell 163, SNG Cop 1185, SNG Münch...
(2) Demetrius I Poliorketes 306-283 BC
AE unit Pella
Obverse: macedonian shield with (ΔHP)
Reverse: macedonian helmet; BA _ ΣI
Ref: SGCV II 6774, SNG Cop 1224, AMNG 1,...
(3) Demetrius I Poliorketes c. 301-294 BC
Obverse: Alexander III depicted as Heracles wearing the Nemean lion skin as a headdress
Reverse: Zeus seated on throne holding an eagle and a scepter; monograms to left and below throne; Greek text to right (AΛEΞANΔPOY) and below throne (ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ)
Ref: Price 3551 corr.; Hersh, Tyrus 5, d...