Antiochus I - Basileus of Basileía tōn Seleukidōn from 281 BC to 261 BC
Antiochus I 'Soter' was a king of the Hellenistic Seleucid Empire. He succeeded his father Seleucus I Nicator in 281 BC and reigned until his death in 261 BC.

Antiochus I was half Persian, his mother Apama, daughter of Spitamenes, being one of the eastern princesses whom Alexander the Great had given as wives to his generals in 324 BC.

In 294 BC, Antiochus married his stepmother, Stratonice, daughter of Demetrius Poliorcetes. His elderly father reportedly instigated the marriage after discovering that his son was in danger of dying of love sickness.

Around 262 BC Antiochus tried to break the growing power of Pergamum by force of arms, but suffered defeat near Sardis and died soon afterwards.
Antiochus I
King Antiochus I "the Saviour" of the Seleucid Empire

Epithet: Soter ("the Saviour")

(1) Antiochus I 280-261 BC
AE unit Sardis
Obverse: helmeted head of Athena facing
Reverse: Nike holding wreath and palm walking left; BAΣIΛEΩΣ / ANTIOXOY, (MΛ) within wreath
Ref: SC I 315; Newell, WSM 1369; SNG Cop...
(2) Antiochus I 281-261 BC
AE unit Antioch
Obverse: Macedonian shield, anchor in central boss
Reverse: elephant right, club above, jawbone below BAΣIΛEΩΣ // ANTIOXOY (ΘEM)
Ref: SC 339.3; HGC 9, 148
(3) Antiochus I 281-261 BC
AE unit Antioch
Obverse: laureate head of Apollo right
Reverse: tripod, bow left, club right BAΣIΛEΩΣ // ANTIOXOY (ΘEM)
Ref: SC 347; SNG Spaer 200 and 203
(4) Antiochus I 281-261 BC
Obverse: Diademed bust right
Reverse: Apollo seated left, on omphalos, holding arrow and resting on bow
Ref: Sear 6886
(5) Antiochus I c. 281-261 BC
Obverse: Antiochus I Soter facing right wearing diadem
Reverse: Apollo seated left on omphalus, bow in left hand, arrow in right, Greek text left (ANTIOXOY) and right (BAΣIΛEΩΣ), monograms left and right
Ref: SC 379.3a; HGC 9; ESM 149; Houghton...