Coins from Troas
Troas is the historical name of the Biga Yarimadasi peninsula in the northwestern Turkey. Bounded by the Dardanelles to the northwest, by the Aegean Sea to the west and separated from the rest of Anatolia by the massif that forms Mount Ida, the Troad is drained by two main rivers, the Scamander (Karamenderes) and the Simois, which join near the ruins of Troy.

The Kingdom of Pergamum ceded the territory to the Roman Republic.


(1) Abydos (Troas) 400-200 BC
Obverse: laureate head of Apollo right
Reverse: eagle left; ABY
Ref: SNG von Aulock 1446; cf. SNG Copenh...
(2) Abydos (Troas) 480-450 BC
Obverse: eagle left, star above; ABY
Reverse: facing head of Medusa within incuse square
Ref: SNG Copenhagen 5; BMC 4-5
(3) Alexandria Troas c. AD 253-268
Obverse: CO TRO AV, draped and turreted bust of Tyche right; vexillum inscribed COL at shoulder
Reverse: COL AVG, horse grazing right; TRO in exergue
Ref: Bellinger A486 var.
(4) Alexandria Troas c. AD 253-268
Obverse: ALEX TRO, draped and turreted bust of Tyche right; vexillum inscribed CO/AV at shoulder
Reverse: COL AVG TRO, eagle, wings spread, standing right on head of bull
Ref: Bellinger A490; SNG Copenhagen 114
(5) Antandros c. 425-400 BC
Obverse: female head right (Artemis Astyrene?)
Reverse: lion head right within incuse square; ANTAN
Ref: Cf. SNG von Aulock 7582 (later type...
(6) Assos 400-300 BC
AE unit Assos
Obverse: Helmeted head of Athena right
Reverse: ΑΣΣΙ, Griffin seated left.
Ref: SNG München 157
(7) Assos c. 479-450 BC
Obverse: gryffin right
Reverse: lion head right
Ref: BMC Troas p. 36, 3; Weber 5318; SGC...
(8) Birytis c. 4th Cent. BC
AE unit Birytis
Obverse: Beardless head of Kabeiros facing left, wearing pilos, star at left and right
Reverse: B-I-P-Y surrounding club, all within laurel wreath
Ref: Sear 4056
(9) Birytis 350-250 BC
AE unit Birytis
Obverse: Head of Kabeiros left, wearing conical helmet; two stars above.
Reverse: B I / P Y, Club within wreath.
Ref: SNG von Aulock 1502-3; SNG München ...
(10) Birytis 350-250 BC
AE unit Birytis
Obverse: head of Kabeiros left wearing pileus
Reverse: club within wreath; B_I / P_Y
Ref: SNG Cop 249; SNG Munchen 19, 170; ...
(11) Caracalla 211-217 AD
Obverse: laureate, cuirassed bust right, head of Medusa on cuirass; AV.M AV__ANTONIN
Reverse: Apollo left leaning foot on pedestal, holding branch; COL A_LEXA AVG
Ref: Bellinger, Troy Vgl. A 298; SNG v. ...
(12) Caracalla 211-217 AD
Obverse: ANTONINVS PIVS AV, Head of Caracalla facing right, wearing laurel wreath
Reverse: ? ALEXAN ?, Horse grazing facing right, COL in exergue?
Ref: Bellinger A283 var. (obv. and rev. ...
(13) Gargara ~400 BC
AE unit Gargara
Obverse: Laureate head of Apollo left
Reverse: ΓAP. Head of ram right within incuse circle
Ref: SNG von Aulock -; SNG Copenhagen -;...
(14) Kebren c. 500-400 BC
Obverse: head of Apollo left
Reverse: ram head left within incuse square
Ref: SNG Ashmolean 1086 (diobol); SNGvA ...
(15) Kolone 500-300 BC
Obverse: head of Athena right wearing Corinthian helmet
Reverse: star ornament within incuse square
Ref: Cf. Gorny & Mosch 176, 1246; Peus 4...
(16) Neandreia c. 410-370 BC
Obverse: laureate head of Apollo right
Reverse: ram right; NEA / N
Ref: SNG Cop 446; SNGvA 7628; SNG Munche...
(17) Ophrynion 350-300 BC
AE unit Ophrynion
Obverse: bearded head of Hector facing slightly right wearing triple crested helmet
Reverse: infant Dionysos right holdig bunch of grape; OΦPY
Ref: SNG Cop 456; SNGvA 1559; SNG Münche...
(18) Sigeion c. 355-334 BC
AE unit Sigeion
Obverse: head of Athena facing slightly right, waering triple-crested helmet
Reverse: owl standing right, crescent left; ΣIΓE
Ref: BMC Troas p. 86, 7 ff.; SNG München...
(19) Skepsis c. 350-306 BC
AE unit Skepsis
Obverse: rhyton (ornate drinking vessel) in the shape of Pegasos forepart left
Reverse: fir-tree within rectangle; Σ_K
Ref: SNG München 329; SNG von Aulock -; ...