Coins from Pontus
Pontus is a historical Greek designation for a region on the southern coast of the Black Sea, located in modern-day Turkey. The extent of the region varied through the ages, but generally extended from the borders of Colchis (modern Georgia) until well into Paphlagonia in the west.

The Kingdom of Pontus was founded in 281 BC by the Mithridatic dynasty from Persia, and lasted until its conquest by the Roman Republic in 64 BC.

Pontus is sometimes considered as the home of the Amazons, with the name Amazon used not only for a city (Amasya) but for all of Pontus in Greek mythology.


(1) Amisos 85-65 BC
AE unit Amisos
Obverse: Aegis with Gorgoneian at center
Reverse: AMI-ΣOΣ, Nike advancing right, holding palm; monograms flanking
Ref: Rec Gen 44; SNG BM 1191
(2) Amisos c. 400-360 BC
Obverse: turreted head of Hera-Tyche left wearing stephanos ornamented with palmettes and annulets, triple-drop earrings and pearl necklace
Reverse: owl standing facing on shield, grain ear left; AΦ_PO/ ΠEIPA
Ref: SNG BM Black Sea 1059, SNG Stancomb...
(3) Amisos 85-65 BC
AE unit Amisos
Obverse: Aegis facing
Reverse: Nike advancing right, holding palm over shoulder; AMI_ΣOY / (ΠΩΔ) _ (AVTE)
Ref: RecGen 44; SNG BM Black Sea 1177-11...
(4) Antoninus Pius 138 AD
Obverse: bare draped bust right seen from behind; AVTO T·AIΛIOC·KAICAP·ANTWNEINOC·
Reverse: Tyche standing half left, holding rudder and cornucopia; AMICOV EΛEVΘE_PAC ETOVC PΞΘ
Ref: RPC Online 1296. R.G. 109
(5) Chabakta c. 100-85 BC
AE unit Chabakta
Obverse: head of Perseus right wearing Phrygian helmet
Reverse: drinking pegasos left; XABAKTΩN / (AΦP) / ?
Ref: SNG Stancomb 714; SNG Cop 204; SNG ...
(6) Gordian III 241-242 AD
Obverse: laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right from behind; AV K M ANT ΓOPΔIANOC CEB
Reverse: Agnostic table with Agnostic crown on top, palm below; KOI ΠONT (MH)__NEOKAICAPI / A / ET PON
Ref: Çizmeli 356; RPC 57 b; SNG Paris 17...
(7) Mithradates VI 85-65 BC
AE unit Amisos
Obverse: Head of Mithradates VI as Dionysos wreathed with ivy right
Reverse: AMIΣΟΥ / ethnic below cista mystica draped with panther skin and thyrsos; monogram to left
Ref: Malloy 26c
(8) Pontus 130-100 BC
AE unit Pontus
Obverse: head of horse right, star with 8 rays
Reverse: comet (or star with grain ear) 7 rays and tail
Ref: BM Black Sea 984; SNG Stancomb 653 ...