Coins from Kolchis
Kolchis was an ancient region on the coast of the Black Sea, centred in present-day western Georgia. Internationally, Colchis is perhaps best known for its role in Greek mythology, most notably as the destination of the Argonauts, as well as the home to Medea and the Golden fleece.

The advanced economy and favorable geographic and natural conditions of the area attracted the Milesian Greeks, who colonized the Colchian coast establishing their trading posts at Phasis, Gyenos, and Sukhumi in the sixth-fifth centuries BC. It was considered "the farthest voyage" according to an ancient Greek proverbial expression, the easternmost location in that society's known world, where the sun rose. It was situated just outside the lands conquered by Alexander the Great. Phasis and Dioscurias were the splendid Greek cities dominated by the mercantile oligarchies, sometimes being troubled by the Colchians from the hinterland before seemingly, assimilating totally.


(1) Dioskourias 105-90 BC
Obverse: caps of the Dioskouroi (pilei) surmounted by stars
Reverse: thyrsos; ΔI_OΣ / KOV_PIA / Δ_OΣ
Ref: SNG BM 1021
(2) Phasis? c. 425-325 BC
Obverse: Archaic female head (Artemis Dali) right
Reverse: Head of bull right
Ref: SNG BM 1013-1018; Hind 7; HGC 7, 21...