Coins from Bruttium
Bruttium is the ancient name of the Italian region now known as Calabria - it was named after the Bruttii, a tribe originally from Lucania who conquered the region in the 4th century BC.

Many beautiful issues where struck in Bruttium in the cities of Croton, Caulonia, Rhegion, Terina, Mesma, Medma and Locri until 89 BC, where the Lex Plautia Papiria put an end to all non-Roman coinage in Italy.


(1) Brettian League c. 216-203 BC
Obverse: Laureate head of Zeus right, stalk of grain behind
Reverse: Eagle standing left on lightning, cornucopia right, star above; BPET_TIΩN
Ref: SNG ANS 44; SNG Cop 1663; Pfeiler p...
(2) Brettian League 215-205 BC
AE unit Bruttium
Obverse: Laureate head of Zeus right; behind, thunderbolt
Reverse: BP - ETTIΩN / Helmeted, naked warrior charging r. holding shield and spear; below shield, torch
Ref: SNG ANS-104, Sear-703
(3) Kroton c. 430-420 BC
Obverse: Pegasos left; Ϙ
Reverse: Tripod with 3 ring handles and legs ending in lion’s paws; ϘPO
Ref: HN Italy 2127, SNG Cop 1788
(4) Kroton 480-430 BC
Obverse: Tripod; in left field, marsh bird
Reverse: Incuse tripod
Ref: Historia Numorum 2102; SNG ANS 266;...