Colonia Patricia — A settlement in Baetica also known as Cordoba
Originally a Carthagenian settlement, Colonia Patricia was conquered by the Romans in 206 BC.

It was renamed Colonia Patricia between 46 and 45 BC, in honour of the veterans who settled there and who deserved to be honoured as Fathers (Patribus).

Colonia Patricia was the capital of the Roman province of Hispania Ulterior / Baetica. Great Roman philosophers such as Seneca the Younger, orators such as Seneca the Elder, and poets such as Lucan came from Roman Cordoba.

Modern location: Cordoba, Spain
An AE unit struck 19-2 BC in Colonia Patricia
Obverse: PER CAE AVG, Bare head of Augustus facing left

Reverse: COLO PATR, Patera, aspergillum, jug, and lituus (priestly implements)

Diameter: 15 mm
Die Orientation: 4 H
Weight: 3.17 g
RPC mentions debate on issuance date so I went with the widest range of dates proposed.

The obverse inscription translates to "[struck with] Permission of Caesar Augustus"

The reverse inscription translates to "Colonia Patricia"
RPC I 131