Antiochia ad Maeandrum - A settlement in Caria
Antiochia ad Maeandrum was a city of ancient Caria, in Anatolia. The city was situated between the Maeander and Orsinus rivers near their confluence.

Though it was the site of a bridge over the Maeander, it had little or no individual history. The city already existed when Antiochus I enlarged and renamed it. It was home to the sophist Diotrephes.

It has not been excavated.

Modern location: Close to Aliağaçiftliği, Turkey

(1) Augustus 27 BC - 14 AD
Obverse: bare head right; CEB_A_CTOC
Reverse: Athena standing left, holding spear and shield; Π_AIΩNIOY CYNAPXIA ANTI / OXEΩN
Ref: RPC 2834; BMC 28; SNG Munich 76.