Umayyad Coins
In AH 79, the Ummayad Caliph introduced a new currency standard consisting of gold Dinars, silver Dirhems, and a varied series of copper Fals.

Umayyad coins are generally speaking broad and thin coins - a style reminiscent of the Sassanian silver coins they replaced. Both the obverse and the reverse fields are occupied by the Kalima - the Islamic invocation of Faith.

While their denominations would live on for a long time, the Umayyad Caliphate would not - in 747 AD Abu Muslim would start an open revolt against the Caliph, and in 750 AD the Abbasids had triumphed and would rule the Near East for more than 500 years.
An AR Dirham struck 714-715 AD in Wasit
Obverse: Margin:بسم الله ضرب هذا الدرهم بواسط سنة ست و تسعين Center: لا الاه الا الله وحده لا شريك له

Reverse: Margin: محمد رسول الله ارسله بالهدى و دين الحق ليظهره على الدين كله ولو كره المشركون Center: الله احد الله الصمد لم يلد و لم يولد و لم يكن له كفؤا أحد

Diameter: 26 mm
Die Orientation: 12 H
Weight: 2.76 g
96 AH=714-715 AD


Obverse Margin: "In the name of God. This Dirham was struck in Wasit in the year ninety six"
Center: "There is no deity except | (the one) God alone |He has no equal"

Reverse Margin: "Muhammad is the messenger of God. He sent him with guidance and the true religion to reveal it to all religions even if the polytheists abhor it."
Center: "God is One God | The eternal and indivisible, who has not begotten, and | has not been begotten and never is there | His equal"
Album 128; Lavoix 354