Coins from Cilician Satrapy
Cilicia was conquered sometime in the 540's BC by Cyrus the Great. Under the Persian empire Cilicia was apparently governed by tributary native kings who bore a Hellenized name or the title of "Syennesis", but it was officially included in the fourth satrapy by Darius.

A vassal king had to pay a tribute of 360 horses and 500 talents of silver, according to Herodotus.

Xenophon found a queen in power, and no opposition was offered to the march of Cyrus the Younger.

Cilician Satrapy

(1) Cilician Satrapy c. 379-372 BC
Obverse: Female head (Aphrodite?) facing left, wearing wreath of reeds, earring and necklace of pearls/beads
Reverse: Female head facing forwards, wearing stephane (headdress) and pearl/beaded necklace
Ref: Imhoof-Blumer 1
(2) Cilicia | Tarsos? 400-350 BC
Obverse: king with bow and dagger right
Reverse: head of Hermes left, wearing petasos
Ref: Troxell & Kagan –; SNG France –; SN...
(3) Mazaios 361/0-334 BC
Obverse: Baal seated left, holding grapes, grain ear, and sceptre
Reverse: lion attacking stag left
Ref: Casabonne Series 1; SNG France 329;...
(4) Mazaios 361/0 - 334 BC
Obverse: Baal seated left, holding sceptre; B'LTRZ // T in Aramaic
Reverse: lion bringing down bull left, attacking with teeth and claws; MZDI in Aramaic
Ref: cf. Casabonne series 2, group A; cf...
(5) Tarsos 379-362 BC
Obverse: Head of Nymph? facing slightly left wearing earrings and necklace
Reverse: Bearded head of Ares? left wearing crested Attic style helmet
Ref: SNG France 303ff var.; SNG Levante ...