Coins from Central Celts
Central Europe was home to a number of important Celtic tribes, federations, and kingdoms.

The Raeti people, for instance, lived in the central Alps and had been thoroughly celticized by the time of Augustus. Likewise, the Kingdom known to us as Noricum produced world-class steel for the Roman armies before being assimilated and incorporated in the Roman Empire as the province of Noricum.

Other tribes - like the Boii - were attested in what constitutes northern Italy (Cisalpine Gaul), Bohemia, Bavaria and modern Hungary.

The divide between Central Celtic tribes and Eastern Celtic tribes is therefore quite artificial, and it is hard to draw a definite line between the two.
Central Celts
An AR Quinarius struck 70-30 BC in Raetia
Obverse: stylized head with strands left (precursor of the Büschelquinar type)

Reverse: horse left; pellet above

Diameter: 0 mm
Die Orientation: 0 H
Weight: 1.74 g

Vindelici lived in the area of today's Switzerland, southern Germany and western Austria.

Kellner, Gruppe A, CCCBM II 215-216. SLM 1105