Valerius Gratus - Procurator of Iudea from 15 to 26
Valerius Gratus was the Roman Prefect of Iudaea province under Tiberius from 15 to 26 AD. He succeeded Annius Rufus and was replaced by Pontius Pilate. The government of Gratus is chiefly remarkable for the frequent changes he made in the appointment of the high-priesthood. He deposed Ananus, and substituted Ishmael ben Fabus, then Eleazar, son of Arianus, then Simon, son of Camith, and lastly Joseph Caiaphas, the son-in-law of Ananus.

Valerius Gratus and other Roman Prefects in Judea issued small bronze prutahs between AD 6 and 66. A total of 19 issues were issued by Coponius, Marcus Ambivulus, Valerius Gratus, Pontius Pilate, Antonius Felix and Porcius Festus.
Valerius Gratus
Procurator Valerius Gratus of Judea

(1) Tiberius | Valerius Gratus 17 AD
Obverse: legend in wreath tied at base with an X; TIB / KAI/CAP (Tiberius Caesar)
Reverse: palm branch flanked by: IOY−ΛIA / L - ∆
Ref: RPC I, 4964; Hendin 1338, Meshorer ...